Mercedes G-Wagen Gets First Redesign in 40 Years

Mercedes G-Wagen Gets First Redesign in 40 Years

Let’s face it - the Mercedes G-Class has always had a somewhat outdated look to it. It’s always been part of its charm, but it eventually started to feel stale and out of place in the 21st Century. That is now beginning to change, with the latest G-Wagen updating its look and adding new features - all while keeping the core elements that gave the vehicle its character for years.

The changes to the exterior are subtle enough that at first, you might not even realize that Mercedes made a change to their iconic model in the first place. When you look closer, however, you will notice softer edges, thicker roof pillars, and more spaced-out differentials, which allow the 2019 G-Wagen to have a smoother drive than previous incarnations. Anyone who was underwhelmed by the drivability of the G-Wagen will be floored with how much better the steering, acceleration time, and engine power are with the new upgrade.

One of the biggest draws of the G-Wagen is its off-roading ability, and Mercedes brought their A-game with this model. There are a variety of different off-roading driving modes, such as sand, trail, and rock positions, where the vehicle adapts based on the conditions of the terrain. It is also powerfully designed for incline driving and has the feel of an unstoppable force when taken off the asphalt.

Inside the vehicle, Mercedes has given the G-Wagen more cabin space, addressing a complaint that many had with its previous iterations. The display screen, high-quality stereo system, and maneuverability give it the feel of a luxury vehicle, while still maintaining the ruggedness of an off-road pioneer that the G-Wagen has always had. Overall, this installment in the G-Class is a revolutionary step forward for this line, and it will be exciting to see how Mercedes builds upon it.

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