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Since 2008 the global car manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover has been a subsidiary of Tata Motors. They currently build cars in South America and the Middle East in addition to the United Kingdom. Land Rover parts are predominantly for vehicles with four-wheel drive and off-rode capabilities. The most popular vehicle stateside, and the most often requiring replacement parts is the Range Rover. Presently, Land Rover is on the 5th generation of the Range Rover dating back to the 1970’s.

The need for Land Rover parts stems from the unfortunate reality that they are not known for their dependability. Rover has long been plagued with air suspension problems, something Arnott and Bilstein have built entire parts catalogs off. In addition to the suspension parts on your Rover prone to failure, drivers worldwide also often report problems with oil leaks, a plethora of electrical parts failures, as well as issues with the parking brake system. You may be wondering, why is a part so rarely used as a parking brake a problem? Well, due to their off-road environment, many Rover Defender drivers find themselves in situations that are “inclined” to use the parking brake. Thankfully, the team at Autohaus Arizona is one of the best Land Rover parts warehouses in the US. We stock a wide array of OEM Rover parts as well as the parts directly from JLR overseas. Many of the Land Rover parts not only come with free shipping but can also be found at very competitive prices.

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Most Popular Land Rover Parts

Some of the most popular Genuine Rover parts in the aftermarket are only available direct from the local Land Rover dealer. AutohausAZ sells the most LR4 coolant flanges as well as Range Rover Water Pumps on the west coast. The Land Rover cooling system leaks often causing extreme degradation of these vital parts. As coolant leaves the radiator it travels through various hoses, the thermostat, as well as the water pump before recirculating through the engine. It is best to pay attention to each of the systems in your Rover to ensure you keep this popular SUV on the road.

Range Rover Suspension Air Compressor

Most Rover owners complain about the smoothness of their ride when something has gone awry. Many Rover suspension components are affected by the functionality of the Suspension Air Compressor. Luckily Arnott Industries equips many aftermarket Rover parts sellers with full-range suspension kits as the well the key component, the air compressor. This allows the vehicle to navigate both common highway travel as well as off-roading with the proper ride height.

LR4 Coolant Reservoir

The integrity of each hose is almost as essential as having a well-conditioned expansion tank in your LR4. Even the slightest crack or abrasion can cause the coolant level sensor to mis-read and/or coolant to leak from any of the orifices. Most expansion tanks come with new level sensors which makes for a relatively cost effective and easy install on your Rover LR4. Coolant leaks can lead to improper utilization of the radiator or water pump with are much costlier Rover parts. Always start at the first position of your cooling system when needing to decipher the bottleneck.

Rover Discover, Land Rover, and LR4 Water Pumps

Most Rover water pumps can be compromised by a leaky gasket, a loose bolt, or a bad bearing near the water pump pulley. If any of these common failures exist in your cooling system, you’ll likely need to swap out the water pump, pulley, and adjacent bearings and bolts. Failure to do so will likely force a coolant leak and overheating of the engine will soon follow.

AutohausAZ is one of the largest stocking US warehouses for Land Rover Parts. We carry a wide selection of Eurospare parts, Genuine Rover parts, Arnott Industries Shocks and Struts for Rover, as well as Nissens, Uro Parts, an Continental VDO fuel pumps and filters. Come visit us in spring of 2022, to see our full branded line of Rover parts for your vehicle. You’ll save even more money on your next tune-up.

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