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Import Auto News - Volume 12 - Topics:

2003 Jetta TDI OBD-11 Glowplug Fault Codes Explained Gas Saving Tips You Might Not Have Thought Of How to Protect Your Car from Water Damage Vehicle Safety Reminder - Don't Exceed Your Payload Capacity How to Fix a Cigarette Burn in Car's Fabric Upholstery with a Few Easy Steps Protect Your Car's Leather by Performing Preventive Maintenance How to Remove a Bumper Sticker Safely and Easily from your Car

Congratulations to Tom K.! Tom won a $20 gas card for submitting the best car care tip for this issue.

Import Auto News - Volume 11 - Topics:

BMW Low or Fluctuating Voltage Generic Time/Mileage Assumptions for Oil Changes Can Wear Out Your Engine Prematurely Bring Your Old Leather Seats Back to Life Remove Stains from Your Car's Upholstery with a Few Easy Steps Repair Your Car's Power Windows and Save Yourself a Bundle

Import Auto News - Volume 10 - Topics:

Watch for Falling Engine When Replacing Your VW Golf MK2 Starter Motor Get Your Money's Worth from Your Fuel Perform Magic on Scratched Headlight Covers Avoid Water Leaks on C230 Dashes Keep Bugs from Sticking to Your Car Easily Find Non-Firing Cylinders on Diesel Engines More Car Wash Tips More Follow-Up to "Avoiding Engine Damage After an Oil Change" (Volume 6) Learn the Basic Facts on Fuel Efficient Vehicles

Import Auto News - Volume 9 - Topics:

Here's A Simple But Often Overlooked Car Wash Tip How to Check and Add Air to Car Tires Acura Integra Intermittent Starting Problem Solved Quick & Easy Trick to Test Brake Master Cylinders Quick Fix to Problem Checking Oil Level in Your Water-Cooled VW Misfire Problems on 98-99 VW Passats & 96-00 Audi A4s Advice for Removing Transmission on 88 VW Cabriolet Follow-Up to "Avoiding Engine Damage After an Oil Change" (Volume 6) Follow-Up to "Exhaust System Maintenance" (Volume 8) Follow-Ups to "Disconnecting Your Battery-Red Means You're Dead" (Volume 8)

Import Auto News - Volume 8 - Topics:

Problems with BMW Remote Key? Try This Disconnecting Your Battery - Red Means You're Dead Here's a Super Easy One-Person Clutch Bleed Trick How to Save 10 Hours on Accord Antenna Replacement Exhaust System Maintenance Can Mean Better Mileage and Performance Beware the Spark Plugs You Use on Saab DI Systems Follow-Up to "Avoiding Engine Damage After an Oil Change" (Volume 6)

Import Auto News - Volume 7 - Topics:

Polish Discolored/Dull Aluminum Wheels at Home - Here's How How to Replace the Shift Rod Bushing in the Tunnel Hard-to-Reach Spark Plugs? Here's a Trick for Easy Replacement Easier Install of Heater Core or Blower Motor on Saab 9000s Locked-Up or Leaking Audi Windshield Washer Pump? Here's an Easy Fix Quick Fix for Diesel Leaks at Fuel Filter on MB 240Ds, 300Ds and 300SDs Free & Quick Tachometer Repair for MB 300Ds and 300SDs Troubleshooting Increased Gas Usage Accompanied By Overheating Follow-Up to "Sell Your Car Easier & For More Money . . ."

Import Auto News - Volume 6 - Topics:

Car Overheating? Watch Out - Third Degree Burns are NOT Pleasant! More on How to Keep Rubber Parts From Cracking Problems with Poor/Rich Performance on Your VW? Check This Out! How to Save Money When Replacing Your Timing Belt Sell Your Car Easier & For More Money with Complete Maintenance Records More on How to Keep Battery Posts Clean Perplexing Turn Signal Problem Solved! Here's How Hard Water Spots? Here's an Easy & Cheap Solution How to Avoid Unnnecessary Engine Damage After an Oil Change

Import Auto News - Volume 5 - Topics:

Summer's Here - Have You Checked Your Car's Cooling System? Do-It-Yourself Refrigerant Recovery How to Make An Inexpensive Volvo Bushing Replacement Tool Mercedes 190E Fuel Injection - What the Manuals DON'T Tell You Quick & Easy Way to Reset Your Car's ECM/ECU in Just 2-3 Minutes It's Simple to Keep Your Car's Battery Posts Clean - Here's How How to Keep Rubber Parts From Cracking 10 Cent O-Ring Solves Mercedes Diesel's Problem Has Your Car Been Recalled? Check It Out Tips for Changing Volvo Front Brake Pads How to Make Your Wiper Blades Last Longer Use This Simple Test to Diagnose Skipping Engines

Import Auto News - Volume 4 - Topics:

Identifying Your Car's VIN - The Key to Parts Accuracy Selecting the Right Ignition Wires for Your Car Improves Performance Creating a Monthly Maintenance Checklist for Your Car Volkswagen Jetta Battery ProblemsBass Problems in Audi A Series with Bose System Pressure Bleeding Your Brake System Cleaning Your Brake Lines and Master Cylinder Craftsman Gear Wrenches1988 Saab 900 Turbo A/T - Problem with Second Gear ECU Resets When Adding Performance Parts

Import Auto News - Volume 3 - Topics:

Cleaning, Shining & Protecting Your Car's Surfaces Audi A8 Quattro Final Drive Seal Replacement Averting Disaster When Changing Fuel Pumps Dangers of Using American (Non-OE) Expansion Tank Caps Check Engine Light On? Here's An Easy Test Pollen or Smoke a Problem? Try This Tip Feedback on 1995 Honda Accord Fuel Filter Changes Another Tip on Removing Emblems Tire Wear Provides More Info Than You Think

Import Auto News - Volume 2 - Topics:

BMW Check Engine Light Fault Codes Warning About Changing 1995 Honda Accord Fuel Filters Dry Your Car with Water Remove A BMW Emblem Without Scratches Make Your Own Fluid Suction Device Cheaply Changing Oil In Your Rover Keep Your Car's Interior Smelling Fresh Removing Stains & Other Icky/Sticky Stuff Seek Help With Auto Restorations

Import Auto News - Volume 1 - Topics:

Import Auto News - A New Look Check Out the Latest Tech Articles in Gasoline Alley Rover Owners Unite - Now You Too Can Save 20%-90% FREE Gift for Your Suggestions Cabin Filters Need Replacement Fresh as a Baby's Behind - Without the Crack Oxygen Sensors Don't Last Forever

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