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There are many different components on your Porsche camshaft. Whether you elect to replace the camshaft or one of these vital components, you have the assurance that your order will be on the way quickly with AutohausAZ's shipping. The camshaft gear on your Porsche 911 is responsible for the timing changes while turning the camshaft, whereas the camshaft position sensor measures camshaft position for fuel and spark timing. Lastly, the camshaft followers ride along the camshaft lobes to move the pushrods up and down, which in turn moves the rocker arms in order to open and close the engine's valves. If there is any damage or general wear on your Porsche camshaft itself, all these components could be compromised. Allow us to help you replace all the Porsche parts for your Cayenne that relate to your vehicle's timing issues. Shop Autohaus today, and let's get wrenching together.

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