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Porsche has won many coveted awards spanning the last century, and it is widely considered the most prestigious car on the road. AutohausAZ offers one of the largest Porsche 911 parts catalogs online, a fitting tribute to Porsche's historically most popular model. Whether you're simply looking for a Porsche emblem or a longer list of Porsche OEM parts is needed, we have it. Our Porsche parts are stocked and ready to ship and we offer wholesale pricing on all the trusted Porsche OEM brands. The convenience of part kits for your Porsche will also allow you to spend more time under the car than online searching for Porsche parts. We offer comprehensive wiper blade kits, fuel injector kits, as well as full throttle bodies and Porsche alternators. Finding Porsche parts online doesn't need to be a chore. With AutohausAZ, you can easily shop for all the parts you need from the comfort of your home.

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Most Popular Porsche Parts

Porsche of Stuttgart Germany Since 1931

Ferdinand Porsche founded the luxury German auto brand in pre-WWII Germany. The first official Porsche model, the Porsche 356, was produced in the late 1940's. It was a lightweight sports car and came in hardtop coupe and open top configurations. The Porsche 356 eventually paved the way for the Porsche 911. The first iteration of the Porsche 911 was a rear-mounted flat-6 putting out 130hp. This air-cooled engine eventually morphed into the Porsche 911S in the late 60's. Around the same timeframe, Porsche introduced their first targa-top 2 seat roadster, the 914. The Porsche 914 engine was available in 4 and 6 cylinder versions. AutohausAZ offers a wide array of rotating electrical and fuel injection parts for the Porsche 914 engine.

Air-Cooled Porsche Era

Though the air-cooled Porsche engine was discontinued in 1998, its triumphant following is still very much alive in the 2020s as are the Porsche air-cooled replacement parts. Air-cooled engines rely on air circulation over the car's heat dampening fins, rather than water to cool the engine. Although roughly 50% of heat in close-ended and air-cooled engines escapes through the exhaust system, the remainder is left to be navigated through the other internal systems. Many fans of air-cooled prefer the simplicity of belt driven components as the repair times are substantially reduced due to simpler engine mechanics. Of all the air-cooled Porsches of yesteryear, the Porsche 993 is widely considered the perfect Porsche engine. The 911 engines of the 90's were equipped with a coil and wishbone suspension upgrade, a six-speed transmission, and the VarioRam system aided in producing 15% added power. Porsche has come a long way since the Porsche 356, which cost merely $4K at the time. Porsche 356 ignition distributors are now available through Autohaus' partnership with JP Group, as well as Sachs clutch kits, and Beru spark plug wire sets for your Porsche.

Buy Porsche Parts Online with AutohausAZ

With our easy to use online catalog you'll have access to our massive selection of Porsche parts at your fingertips. We offer discount pricing on genuine OEM Porsche parts for a variety of models making us a one-stop-shop for all of your Porsche part needs.

Many of the Porsche parts within our catalog ship with a flat-rate Standard shipping. A few of the most popular parts that we offer to our valued customers include:

  • Porsche Emblems
    The Porsche emblem is a staple component to the aesthetic of any Porsche. Here at AutohausAZ, we understand the desire to keep your Porsche looking like the day you bought it. That is why we offer the best selection of genuine Porsche emblems at discount prices.
  • Porsche Floor Mats
    Maintaining the pristine look of the interior of your Porsche is just as important as the exterior of your vehicle. Our selection of all weather, replacement Porsche floor mats provide the perfect fit for your ride at discount pricing.
  • Porsche Brake Pads
    The brake pads on your Porsche serve a vital purpose in ensuring you experience a safe and enjoyable ride every time you take it out for a spin. Save time and money by having your next pair of brake pads shipped directly to your doorstep.
  • Porsche Brake Calipers
    Replacing your Porsche's brake calipers is a necessary step when maintaining your beloved ride. Make sure you're getting the best price on genuine Porsche brake calipers with AutohausAZ.
  • Porsche Coolant
    Stocking up on Porsche coolant is never a gamble with AutohausAZ. We take extra care to expertly package and ship your coolant to ensure its safe arrival. Order your coolant in minutes when it is convenient for you using our online catalog.
  • Porsche Oil Filters
    Owning a luxury vehicle such as a Porsche comes with the responsibility to perform regular maintenance. Don't let finding Porsche oil filters at great prices slow down your repairs.
  • Porsche Tail Lights
    The tail lights on your Porsche are one of the most important features when ensuring a safe drive. Shop with confidence and take advantage of our massive selection of Porsche tail lights.
  • Porsche Spark Plugs
    AutohausAZ stocks a wide selection of Porsche spark plugs so that your repairs never have to wait. Use our "Vehicle Select Tool" to find the correct spark plugs you need in seconds.

Common Porsche Parts You'll Need

Porsche Macan Battery

Like all automobiles, the duration of life that your Macan battery gets is heavily contingent on the driver and driving conditions. However, the Porsche Macan battery seems to be the first common repair for all new and used Porsche Macan owners. Located in the REAR of the car, you can gain access to the battery by removing the trunk floor panel and then spare tire. You may test the charge by accessing the battery terminals near the windshield on the driver's side under the hood. This is not commonly a DIY repair as the ECU will need to be re-programmed for the new battery to be registered.

Porsche Panamera Tail Light Replacement

The UL-97063141604 replaces your existing OE or Aftermarket Porsche Panamera Tail Light assembly. Why are tail lights on the Porsche Panamera so popular? Well, due to the hatchback's low ride and aerodynamic shape, it's quite easy for another car's bumper to tap either end of the rear of your Porsche. Founded in 1947, ULO manufactures this aftermarket direct replacement for your passenger side tail light on the Porsche Panamera.

Porsche Clutch Parts

Many Porsche drivers prefer the sports car experience of a manual transmission. One of the most popular turbo Porsches over the decades was the Porsche 944. Over 150,000 of these were produced using the 924 platform, the most of any Porsche predecessor. However, due to the age of these cars, a clutch refresher is a great installation for a next generation 944 Porsche owner. AutohausAZ preferred kit 944HYDKIT, includes everything outside of the clutch kit and flywheel. You'll find a new Clutch hose, a new Master cylinder, and a new Clutch slave cylinder for under $200. These kits ship FREE.

Porsche in the 21st Century

Porsche has released many exciting new models in the last 30 years. First in 1996 came the Porsche 986, the first-generation Porsche Boxster. The base 2.5 liter 6 cylinder was produced in the same factory as the popular Porsche 928 engines. The 928 engine was upgraded in the early 2000's to the "S" variant which came with a 3.2 liter flat-6. The Porsche Boxster allowed Porsche enthusiasts to drive a mid-engine roadster without shelling out the coin for the 911 upgraded Porsche 996.

Perhaps the most exciting release for Porsche after the Boxster engine, was their foray into luxury SUVs. Upon discontinuing the Porsche 928 in 1995, the German car manufacturer hadn’t messed around with any new 8-cylinder engines. The Porsche Cayenne was the lucky recipient of Porsche's 1st 4.5L V8 in almost a decade. The lightweight Cayenne S had a steel body but an aluminum hood, allowing for the 340hp grocery hauler to go 0-60 in under 7 seconds. AutohausAZ supplies our Porsche parts customers with many of the common Genuine parts replacements to service your Cayenne. The plastic coolant lines on the Cayenne have long been prone to cracking and deterioration.

The Porsche Macan was Porsche's response to the BMW X3. A smaller version of the Cayenne, the compact luxury SUV was first released in 2014. Many Porsche wheelbase configurations are shared with Volkswagen Audi Group, the Macan is the proof. It shares its platform with the Audi Q5. The Macan was named the top luxury compact SUV in 2015.

As of 2021, Porsche is currently assembling about 200,000 cars per year. Approximately 15% are Porsche 911s, 10% Porsche Panamera, 50% are Porsche Cayennes and Macans, and the remainder are the 718 Boxster and the Cayman. The Porsche Cayman replaced the Porsche Boxster nameplate in 2016. Porsche has recently released the Taycan, which is an all-electric Porsche.

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