Shipping & Ordering Information at AutohausAZ

When will I receive a tracking number for my order?
Every shipping method we offer allows you to follow your shipment progress with a tracking number. You will receive an email with your tracking number(s) within 1 business day from the time the order is shipped. Please make sure that you've entered a valid e-mail during checkout.

I received a tracking number but the carrier doesn't show any shipment progress. What is going on?
Fear not, your package is on the way. Some carriers and shipment services don't show shipment progress until the package reaches the destination city. If you are still concerned about your package, contact our customer service department.

Nationwide Warehouses

We utilize a vast network of warehouses across US to ship out your parts with the shortest transit time possible.

Fast Shipping From Nationwide Warehouses

Standard Shipping (Continental US Only)

Excludes Alaska and Hawaii

$9.99 Flat Rate
under 1.1lbs*
$11.99 Flat Rate
over 1.1lbs and under 11lbs*
$16.99 Flat Rate
over 11lbs and under 60lbs*
$26.99 Flat Rate
over 60lbs and under 105lbs*
$44.99 Flat Rate
over 100lbs and under 275lbs*
$149.99 Flat Rate
over 275lbs and under 399lbs*
$249.99 Flat Rate
over 399lbs*

*Weight calculations include physical and dimensional weight, which takes into account package size/shape.

We are committed to getting your order into your hands as quickly as possible. Whether we need to ship it from multiple locations or choose to expedite your order, we do what's needed to save you time and money.

Discounted Upgraded Shipping Rates (US Only)

Under 13lbs

$47.99 Expedited Shipping
on any order under 13lbs*

*Weight calculations include physical and dimensional weight, which takes into account package size/shape.

Over 13lbs

Orders over 13lbs still get discounted upgraded shipping but prices will vary depending on the weight of the parts ordered.

For our customers that want expedited service, we offer upgraded shipping that is below our cost. We really want our customers to understand how much their time means to us, so we make it affordable to upgrade your order.

Will-Call (For our local, loyal customers)

We give all of our Arizona customers the option to pick-up their order and meet some of our friendly staff here at 4100 S 38th St Ste 150. Orders are not guaranteed to process the same day you place it, however, will save you time in transit. If you're in a pinch contact one of our CSR's and they should be able to give you an idea of when it'll be ready.

  • Will-Call is available M-Fri 8am-4pm, excludes holidays and weekends.
  • This option is FREE for all eligible orders.
  • You will save the day in transit, processing may take 1 business day.

Availability and Order Processing

In Stock
Ships within 1-2 business days.

We locate the part in our distribution network and ship from the nearest location to you. We confirm availability and process it through our system within 1 business day if the order is placed before 1 p.m. or up to 2 business days if the order is placed after 1 p.m.

Low Stock
Ships within 1-2 business days if still available when processed.

Low stock means the inventory for that part is running low in our distribution network. Our inventory is synced daily during the night. We may run out of stock by the time we process your order. We will notify you if this scenario occurs, otherwise, the part is shipped within the same period of time as any in-stock part.

Available To Order
Ships within 1-2 business days depending on availability.

The part is available to order, but we do not know the stock level in our distribution network. We will try to locate the part and notify you, if we encounter a delay in sourcing the part or if the part is not currently available. Some parts may take extra processing time beyond 2 business days.