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The BMW coolant in your car is the easiest monitored fluid other than your gas. All cars come with both fuel level gauges and engine running temperature thermostats next to the tachometer on your dashboard display. An engine that is running hot is deprived of coolant. The reason your BMW coolant isn't doing its job could be due to a radiator hose leak, a crack in one of the radiator ports, your expansion tank leaking, or your coolant level being too low. If you're running low on Genuine BMW coolant then you can easily stock up with AutohausAZ. The Genuine concentrate should be mixed with distilled water at a 50:50 ratio. We sell Genuine BMW coolant by the gallon.

The Importance of BMW Coolant Parts

It is vital to flush your coolant system every 30,000 miles and to pay proper attention to coolant levels to maintain the integrity of your BMW's cooling system parts. A "dry" system will not only overheat the engine and cause it to stall, but you may be in for costly repairs of your BMW radiator, BMW water pump, or all the hoses stemming from the radiator ports. Many people call it either coolant or antifreeze. A common misconception is that coolant is only used to prevent overheating. However, the "antifreeze" verbiage would also indicate its meant to prevent your car from seizing up in extreme cold as well. It's easy to maintain appropriate engine temperature with all of the OEM BMW parts that we offer.

Most Popular BMW Coolant

The average cost of a BMW coolant is between $13.19 and $30.99.

Why Buy BMW Coolant Parts from AutohausAZ?

Whether you're a Genuine BMW parts purist, are only willing to use OEM brands on your BMW 3 series, or simply want the cheapest parts brand possible, we've got you covered. For BMW coolant, we offer all different levels of concentration from the dealer Genuine BMW coolant as well as smaller bottle sizes of the OEM brand Pentosin. It's important to remember that when you don't use the entire bottle of BMW coolant to keep it out of the reach of children. Engine antifreeze is extremely dangerous if consumed or accidentally absorbed in the skin or eyes.

Worry-Free Returns

AutohausAZ not only stands behind their brands, but also their carriers. If for any reason your package arrives damaged, we will promptly send out a replacement parts order. Even though we vacuum seal all of our BMW coolant in industrial bags, at times your order may not be handled the way we intended it to be. If this is the case, simply place a damage claim ticket or chat with one of our patient customer service agents. We'll get you back on the road in no time and make quick work of your order discrepancy.

BMW Radiator Parts Shipped to Your Door

The BMW radiator is responsible for reducing the temperature of your engine's coolant prior to circulating through your BMW cooling system. Many of our popular cooling system kits for BMW E36s, and E46s, include everything but the radiator. The reason for this is that the radiator replacement interval tends to be longer than the water pump, engine thermostat, or coolant hoses on your BMW. If the fins are damaged by road debris, or there is any kind of deterioration of the inlet or outlet ports on the radiator, then it is time to replace it. You'll notice a pool of coolant on your garage floor, or an engine approaching overheating shortly after it turns over. We carry many of the OEM BMW radiators like Nissens, Behr, and a selection of the Genuine radiators for SULEV BMWs. It is a good idea to check each of the critical junctures of your cooling system prior to every Summer and Winter. Keep your BMW on the road for less money by getting all of your BMW parts at AutohausAZ.

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