BMW Brake Pad Replacements

Your brake system is an extremely significant part of your BMW. Like other parts of your car that go to work every day, your brake pads are prone to wear out over time. BMW drivers know that safety and paying attention to the vehicle’s brake system is a must. If your brake system is functioning correctly, you can drive with confidence knowing that your brakes can slow your car down and bring it to a complete stop.

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BMW Brake Pad Sets at Wholesale Prices

If you have noticed a scratching sound coming from either passenger or driver side wheel well, it’s time to take a look at your BMW’s brakes. Within the wheel well, you will find the BMW brake disc, the brake caliper, the brake piston within the caliper, the brake pads, as well as the brake pad sensor. Oftentimes, a BMW brake pad replacement set will come with the pads needed to change out both sides of the vehicle. Bosch brake pad sets often come with the replacement sensors as well. If you have a carjack, you can replace your BMW brakes pads in about 20-30 minutes per wheel. You will want to use some brake pad lubricant prior to clipping in your new pads, this will ensure that the brake pad has some give to it. Always conduct a few short sprint tests of your new pads before getting back on a busy road. Below you will find Pagid brake pads, Textar brake pads, and many genuine BMW brake pad sets direct from the dealer. We are standing by to take your order and ship out your BMW pads.

BMW Brake Pads can be installed on average in 30 minutes per wheel.

Most Popular BMW Brake Pads

The average price of a BMW brake pad set is between $19.99 and $130.99.

What Are Brake Pads?

Brake pads are the component that applies pressure and friction to your vehicle's brake rotors. This pressure applied to the brake rotor is what slows and stops your car.

When to Replace Your Brake Pads

Every time you use your vehicle's brakes, you are causing amounts of wear and tear on your brake pads without even noticing. No matter the type of brake pad your car has, this friction can result in small amounts of protective coating to wear away from the brake pad. Over time, deterioration starts to add up. Your brake pads become thinner, and they will eventually get to the point where they should be replaced. Some signs to listen for and look out for that might indicate you need to replace brake pads are squealing and/or screeching noises, less than a quarter inch of the brake pad, deep metallic grinding and growling, and indicator lights. Other indications of depreciating brake pads include your car shaking or pulsing when you stop. Restore your ride's braking power with BMW replacement brake pads from AutohausAZ.

How Long Do Brake Pads Last?

A rule of thumb, generally, is that brake pads are good from anywhere between 30,000-35,000 miles. However, the real answer to the lifespan of brake pads will vary from vehicle to vehicle and driver to driver. If you're a driver who tends to drive the most often in urban areas or heavy commuter traffic, you'll probably engage your brakes a lot more frequently than someone who's driving in rural locations or on highways daily. Some drivers also tend to “ride the brake,” meaning they press and depress their brakes more often than other drivers, causing the brake pads to wear down more quickly.

OE vs. OEM

OEM stands for an original equipment manufacturer, and OE stands for original equipment. Original equipment parts are installed when a finished product or sub-assembly is manufactured. That means that technically an OE part is available only as a component inside an entirely new product or system. Whereas OEM parts (original equipment manufacturer) are parts that the original manufacturer of the part made and is approved for use in the brand's vehicles. Usually, these OEM parts can be found online or at your local dealership.

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