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Genuine VW/Audi CV Joint Kit | 1K0498103A

Audi A3, TT Quattro, TT
VW Jetta, Passat, Golf, GTI, CC, Jetta V, Eos, Golf R, R32, Passat CC
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P/N: 1K0498103A Genuine VW/Audi
Inner Joint Assembly
Included with axle assembly.
Audi: 2.0L, 2009-15 with awd, tts, new, to 3/8/13. 2.0L, 2009-15 with awd, TT, new, to 3/8/13. A3. 2.0L, 2008 all, 2009 without awd, new. 2.0L, gas, new. 3.2L, from vin 8p7084001, new. Manual trans. Incl.Plastic Boot. To Chassis/VIN 8N-1-046-000.
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  • VW1K0498103A

A CV (constant velocity) joint is a drive shaft joint that allows the shaft to turn at a consistent speed throughout varying angles without binding. CV joints also provide a larger range of motion than a universal joint (u-joint). CV joints are used on vehicles with independent suspensions to connect the differential and wheels with an axle shaft to allow the wheel to follow undulations of the road providing a more comfortable ride and better traction. CV joints are also used on drive shafts to connect the transmission/transfer case to differentials, allowing for a smoother transfer of power even at severe declinations.

CV joints require grease to stay lubricated and prevent them from overheating. They often are covered with a boot to keep the grease in and around the joint. If the CV joint dries out, excessive friction is created by the joint, creating heat and fatiguing the joint, giving it the potential to separate. You should inspect CV joints regularly by checking for free movement and, if covered with a boot, that the boot is free of cracks and leaking grease. If the CV joint boot is cracked, the boot should be replaced and the joint repacked with grease to prevent failure.

Signs of Faulty CV Joints

When CV joints fail, they will often make a loud clicking or clacking sound, especially while turning or accelerating. In more extreme cases, the CV joint can separate by disconnecting the drive axle from the wheel or differential or the driveshaft from the transmission or differential.

Replacing Your Vehicle's CV Joints

Replacing the CV joint depends on the joint style in your vehicle. Some CV joints can simply be unbolted from the flange that holds it, and the new one bolted on in its place. Others may require joints to be disassembled and the bearings and cages replaced with fresh grease and a new boot. Others still may require the joint to be disassembled as part of the axle, requiring the entire drive axle to be rebuilt or replaced.

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08-09 - TT
00-15 - TT Quattro Base, Premium Plus, Prestige, S
10-17 - CC Executive, Lux, Luxury, R-Line, R-Line Executive & more
13-13 - CC Lux
Fuel Type: GAS
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10-14 - Golf TDI
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