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Genuine VW/Audi Voltage Regulator | 070903803E

Audi A4 Quattro, A6 Quattro, A4, A3, TT Quattro, Allroad Quattro, TT
VW Jetta, Passat, Beetle, GTI, Touareg, Tiguan, CC, Tiguan AWD, Eos, Jetta IV & more
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P/N: 070903803E Genuine VW/Audi
Order by description. included with alternator.
Audi: A3. 2.0L, 2008-10, with awd, TT. For Bosch Alternator. 2.0L, gas, bosch. Reman. For Valeo Alternator.
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Voltage regulators maintain a constant range of alternator voltage output and convert the alternate current (AC) produced by the alternator into the direct current (DC) the vehicle operates on. As the alternator turns, it uses coil windings and magnets to create the alternate current. The faster the alternator turns, the more current and voltage is produced. The voltage regulator uses diodes to convert the AC to DC, limiting the alternator's voltage output to 12-14 volts.

Voltage regulators fail when they can no longer convert alternate current to direct current or when they can no longer maintain a consistent voltage that the vehicle requires to operate.

Signs of a faulty voltage regulator include:
  • Surging lights
  • Flickering interior lights
  • Instrument cluster or panel malfunctioning
  • Battery light or check engine light illuminated
  • A battery not being charged

Checking battery voltage or alternator output are simple ways to test a voltage regulator. Fluctuating battery voltage or drops in alternator output when the engine is at idle indicates the voltage regulator has failed and is not regulating voltage or not converting alternate current to direct current.

Replacing Your Vehicle's Voltage Regulator

Some voltage regulators are external to the alternator and can be removed and replaced in series with the alternator output circuit. Other voltage regulators are mounted inside of the alternator and may be removable and replaceable, but some will require the replacement of the alternator to replace the voltage regulator.

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09-13 - A3 Base, TDI
04-06 - A4 Base, Cabriolet
03-03 - A4 Cabriolet
Fuel Type: GAS
05-05 - A4 Quattro Base, Avant
Fuel Type: GAS
02-04 - A6 Quattro Avant
02-04 - A6 Quattro
Fuel Type: GAS
01-02 - Allroad Quattro
00-09 - TT
00-10 - TT Quattro
09-09 - TT Quattro
Fuel Type: GAS
98-13 - Beetle Base, Turbo, Turbo S
00-04 - Beetle Base, Turbo

Fuel Type: GAS
99-99 - Beetle Turbo
Fuel Type: GAS
10-17 - CC Executive, Lux, Luxury, R-Line, R-Line Executive & more
13-13 - CC Lux
Fuel Type: GAS
09-16 - Eos Executive, Final Edition, Komfort, Lux, Sport
08-14 - GTI Base, Driver's Edition, Wolfsburg Edition
00-10 - Jetta Base, GL, GLI, GLS, GLS Turbo & more
09-09 - Jetta SEL
Fuel Type: GAS
05-05 - Jetta IV Base, TDI, Turbo
99-99 - Jetta MK3 GL, GLS, GLX, TDI
99-99 - Jetta MK4 GL, GLS, GLX, TDI
01-08 - Passat Base, 4MOTION, GLS 4 Motion, GLX 4 Motion, Komfort & more
04-05 - Passat

Fuel Type: GAS
04-04 - Passat
Fuel Type: GAS
09-09 - Passat CC Luxury, Sport
09-13 - Tiguan S, SE, SEL, Wolfsburg Edition
14-17 - Tiguan AWD R-Line, S, SE, SEL, Sport & more
14-17 - Tiguan FWD R-Line, S, SE, SEL, Sport & more