Meet the 2020 BMW M3

Meet the 2020 BMW M3

After a long period of speculation, we can now confirm that BMW will be offering a manual transmission, rear-wheel-drive version of its new M3, as well as automatic, all-wheel-drive versions of this G20-generation vehicle.

Its twin-turbo, six-cylinder S58 engine, with brake horsepower of either 480 (standard version) or 510 (Competition version), will be the same one used in BMW’s high-performance SUVs, the X3 M and the X4 M. For the sake of comparison, 480 BHP is 30 BHP more than the Audi RS4/5, and 510 BHP makes the Competition equal to the Mercedes-AMG C63 saloon.

Prototypes of the M3 have been undergoing testing in Scandinavia. Although the spy shots captured during this testing show the M3 under a cover of camouflage to hide its exterior’s details, we can still make out features such as:

We can also tell you that the 2020 M3 will weigh about 140 pounds less than its predecessor, with a suspension that’s undergone some tweaking and bodywork that’s stiffer than it was previously.

The M3, along with the two-door M4, will be making their official debuts at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

“Pure” Variants

BMW M division head Markus Flasch stated in a recent interview that BMW was planning to introduce entry-level variants of the M3 and M4, under the tentative names of M3 and M4 “Pure.” For a reduced price, buyers would be forgoing the eight-speed automatic transmission, instead getting a six-speed manual transmission. Instead of the M xDrive system, the Pure line will have a six-speed manual transmission. These versions will also have slightly less power: 454 BHP.

Additionally, the M3 and M4 Pure will be somewhat different in appearance, with restyled wheels, and a different front and rear on the outside and different upholstery and instrument graphics on the inside.

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