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1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987 Volvo 760
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1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987 Volvo 760
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The average cost of a Volvo 760 brake caliper is between $144.99 and $150.99.

The Volvo 760 brake caliper is a component of the braking system in the Volvo 760 model. It is responsible for applying force to the brake pads, which then press against the rotors to slow down or stop the vehicle.

The brake caliper houses the pistons and brake pads. When you press the brake pedal, hydraulic pressure is applied to the caliper via brake fluid. This pressure causes the pistons within the caliper to extend, pushing the brake pads against the rotor. The friction created between the brake pads and the rotor generates the stopping power necessary to slow down or halt the vehicle.

The caliper is designed with a sliding mechanism to allow the pads to retract when the brakes are released. This ensures that the brake pads do not remain in constant contact with the rotors, reducing unnecessary wear and tear.

Overall, the Volvo 760 brake caliper plays a crucial role in the braking system by converting hydraulic pressure into mechanical force to effectively stop the vehicle.

Signs of Faulty or Worn Volvo 760 Brake Caliper

There are several common signs that indicate a faulty or worn out brake caliper on a Volvo 760:

  1. Uneven braking: If you notice that the car pulls to one side while braking, it could be due to a seized or stuck brake caliper.
  2. Spongy or soft brake pedal: A worn-out brake caliper can lead to air getting into the brake system, resulting in a spongy or soft brake pedal feel.
  3. Sticking brake: A faulty caliper can cause the brake pads to stay in contact with the brake rotor even when you're not applying the brakes, leading to excessive heat, increased wear, and decreased fuel efficiency.
  4. Leaking brake fluid: A damaged or faulty caliper seal can cause brake fluid to leak, which may result in reduced brake performance or even a complete brake failure if left unattended.
  5. Abnormal brake pad wear: Uneven or excessive wear on one side of the brake pads can indicate a malfunctioning caliper, as it may not be properly releasing the brake pads after braking.
  6. Grinding or squealing noise: If you hear grinding or squealing noises while applying the brakes, it may be a sign of worn-out brake pads or a stuck caliper that is causing the pads to rub against the rotor.
  7. Overheating brakes: A malfunctioning caliper can cause excessive heat to build up in the braking system, leading to overheating of the brakes. This can result in a loss of braking power and increased stopping distances.

If you experience any of these signs, it is essential to have your brake calipers inspected and repaired by a qualified mechanic to ensure safe driving conditions.

Top Volvo 760 Brake Caliper Brands for Sale

ATE is a well-known manufacturer of brake calipers for Volvo 760 vehicles. They have a reputable history in the automotive industry and are recognized for producing high-quality products. ATE brake calipers are known for their durability, reliability, and excellent performance. These calipers are designed to meet the stringent standards set by Volvo, ensuring that they provide optimal braking efficiency and safety. While ATE calipers may not carry the "Genuine Volvo" branding, they are still a popular choice among Volvo owners due to their excellent quality and lower cost compared to Genuine Volvo parts.

On the other hand, Genuine Volvo brake calipers are manufactured exclusively by the auto parts manufacturers chosen by Volvo. These calipers bear the Genuine Volvo branding and are produced to meet the vehicle manufacturer's exceptionally high standards. As a result, Genuine Volvo calipers are considered the pinnacle of original equipment quality. Volvo ensures that these parts undergo rigorous testing and adhere to strict specifications, guaranteeing optimal performance and reliability. However, it's important to note that as Genuine Volvo parts, they are generally more expensive compared to other aftermarket options. Despite the higher cost, many Volvo enthusiasts prefer Genuine Volvo parts for their assurance of quality and compatibility.

In summary, both ATE and Genuine Volvo are reputable manufacturers of brake calipers for the Volvo 760. ATE offers high-quality aftermarket calipers that provide excellent performance at a relatively lower cost, while Genuine Volvo calipers are the epitome of original equipment quality but come with a higher price tag. The choice between these options ultimately depends on individual preferences, budget, and desired level of authenticity.

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In conclusion, when shopping for a Volvo 760 brake caliper, customers can benefit from AutohausAZ's wide selection, emphasis on quality, commitment to customer satisfaction, competitive pricing, and efficient shipping. These advantages make AutohausAZ a reliable destination for Volvo 760 brake caliper purchases.

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