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The average cost of a Volvo starter relay is between $18.49 and $32.99.

The Volvo starter relay is one of the most important and frequently overlooked components of any vehicle ignition system. It is a small electrical device found in the starting circuit of a high-power motor. The relay is nothing more than a remote control switch that regulates current in a high-current circuit. A moderate ignition switch current is used by the car's starter relay to close the much more powerful starter circuit.

A large current is generated when you turn the ignition key or press the car's start button. The starter motor draws a lot of power, and the ignition switch cannot be controlled. It will burn out if there is no relay. The vehicle may not start if the starting relay fails.

The starter relay, like other mechanical and electronic components in your Volvo, will show signs of failure before failing completely. The following are some symptoms of damaged or worn starter relays.

  • Vehicle won’t start
  • Starter remains on with the engine running
  • Intermittent starting issues
  • Clicking noises when trying to start vehicle

The starting relay will usually last more than 100 miles. These parts are strong and have few moving parts, so wear is minimal. The most common threat to the starting relay's life is contact burnout. AutohausAZ has Volvo starter relay parts at discount pricing. We make it simple to find Volvo parts that are guaranteed to fit your vehicle. We provide our buyers with discounted flat-rate standard shipping on any auto parts orders shipped within the Continental USA. For any questions regarding Volvo starter relays or any other part within our catalog, you can always chat with us using the chat feature located at the bottom right corner of the site to connect you with our qualified customer service agents.

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