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AutohausAZ is widely considered the best online store for OEM and Genuine Mercedes replacement parts. We began building our custom catalog for Mercedes parts back in 2000. Since then, we have compiled hundreds of thousands of Mercedes followers and enthusiasts. We have Mercedes certified mechanics constantly maintaining our parts catalog for any application specific changes or discrepancies. The bedrock of our online parts catalog is Mercedes parts, from their we expanded into the other European parts brands. We have an extensive dealer network for replacement Genuine parts, as well as dozens of trusted Manufacturer partners developing Mercedes parts specifically for Autohaus. Beginning in the summer of 2022, AutohausAZ will be developing their own quality parts line specializing in quality Mercedes replacement parts. These will cover many popular subcategories of parts that are prone to failure. They will offer our customers a less expensive option and free shipping on Mercedes parts.

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Many Mercedes owners understand the need for Genuine parts when working on any of the Mercedes systems. The electrical intricacies on even older model Mercedes require a saavy and patient DIYer. Many of the cooling system jobs require many different seals, gaskets, and hoses. To ensure that your Mercedes brake job I completed in it’s entirety, simply look for the AAZ preferred kit for your Mercedes. Many of these were created with the most common failure jobs on each of the Mercedes chassis going back 40 years. Shopping online for Mercedes parts can be inundating, get everything you need in one of the AAZ preferred kits, and it’ll ship for free the next business day. AutohausAZ is proud to be one of the largest car part suppliers and online warehouses in the nation. Those looking to buy genuine, OEM auto parts online at discount prices for Mercedes vehicles can get everything they need and more when searching our online Mercedes parts catalog.

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Mercedes Benz History

The official founded date for the vehicle known as Mercedes was June 28, 1926. Though there were many prototypes produced and branded under Benz & Cie, and Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft prior to that date. The heartbeat of the modern day Mercedes still resides in it’s world famous capital of Stuttgart Germany. There, the 3 brilliant minds of Karl Benz, Wilhelm Mayback, and Gottlieb Daimler first began conceiving what is now considered one of the most impressive luxury vehicles.

The company was making about 2 million cars each year prior to the pandemic. Some of the most sought after Mercedes’ include their AMG cars and SUVS with Designo package and the Maybach sedans which can cost between $400K-$600K for the S680 sedan all the way up to the Maybach GLS600 SUV.

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Mercedes M112 PCV hoses and Valve Cover Gaskets

The first ever V6 engine built by Mercedes was the M112 engine. Developed in 1996 and introduced in the US in 1998, the Mercedes M112 is a 90° V6 four stroke gasoline engine with an Alusil silicone aluminum composite block, steel connecting rods, aluminum pistons, and magnesium intake manifold. The Mercedes M112 utilizes SOHC aluminum heads with three valves per cylinder, two spark plugs per cylinder, and a balance shaft to curb engine vibration. In the US, the Mercedes M112 engine was used in a variety of Mercedes chassis, including the W203 C class, W210 E class, W163 ML, and even a supercharged version in the R710 SLK32 AMG. Known for its overall reliability, the Mercedes M112 engine is a favorite among Mercedes enthusiasts and may be the most durable engine Mercedes has ever built. Oil and vacuum leaks are a couple the most common issues with the M112 engine, however, routine maintenance can keep these issues in check by discovering the problems before they become unmanageable. Also using genuine Mercedes parts when issues pop up like valve cover gasket leaks and crankcase breather hose deterioration will insure the longest life of your Mercedes M112 engine. Rein Automotive provides many of the Mercedes OEM hoses used in these repair jobs. These are the common models plagued by these part failures:

W202 (1998-200 C280)
W203 (2001-2005 C240, 2001-2005 C320, 2002-2004 C32 AMG)
W208 (1999--2002 CLK320)
W209 (2003-2005 CLK320)
W210 (1998-2002 E320)
W211 (2003-2005 E320)
W220 (2006 S350)
W163 (1998-2003 ML320, 2003-2005 ML350)
R170 (2001-2004 SLK320, 2002- 2004 SLK 32 AMG)

Mercedes M113 PCV Hoses and Valve Cover Gaskets

The Mercedes M113 engine is a V8 gasoline engine based on the M112 V6 engine developed by Mercedes one year earlier. The Mercedes M113 has a Alusil silicone aluminum composite engine block, SOHC aluminum heads with three valves and two spark plugs per cylinder, and features iron coated piston skirts, forged steel connecting rods, single piece camshafts and magnesium intake manifold. Used by Mercedes to power their larger chassis vehicles like the W21 E class, W163 ML, W220 S class, and W463 class, the M113 is capable of producing incredible power. It was used as the primary powerplant for Mercedes AMG performance series for more than 10 years from 1997-2011. Unlike many high-powered engines, the Mercedes M113 is a fairly low maintenance and reliable engine. The 16 spark plugs need to be changed every 50,000 to 80,000 instead of every 30,000 like similar performing engines. Using the same PCV (positive crankcase ventilation) system as the M112, the M113 is susceptible to hose degradation and the crankcase breather hoses often need to be replaced about the same time the spark plugs do. While creating the power it does, the Mercedes M113 engine creates substantial internal engine pressures leading to oil leaks from the rear main and valve cover gaskets. Regular engine inspections during oil changes can tip you off to any problems you may be having with your Mercedes M113 engine, and only using certified Mercedes replacement parts will keep your Mercedes M113 engine running strong longer than many other high-performance engines used in other car lines. AutohausAZ provides entire kits for these OEM replacement parts. These are the common models plagued by these part failures:

W202 (1998—2000 C43 AMG)
W203 (2005-2006 C55 AMG)
W208 (1999-2003 CLK430, 2001-2002 CLK55 AMG)
W209 (2003-2006 CLK500, 2003-2006 CLK55 AMG)
W215 (2000-2006 CL500, 2001-2006 CL55 AMG)
W219 (2006 CLS500, 2006 CLS55 AMG)
W210 (1998-2002 E430, 2003-2006 E500, 2003-2006 E55 AMG)
W163 (1999-2001 ML430, 2002-2007 ML500, 2000-2003 ML55 AMG)
W220 (2000-2006 S430, 2000-2006 S500, 2001-2006 S55 AMG)
W463 (2002-2008 G500, 2003-2011 G55 AMG)
R129 (1999-2002 SL500)
R230 (2003-2006 SL500, 2003-2008 SL55 AMG)
W251 (2006-2007 R500)
R171 (2005-2010 SLK55 AMG)

Mercedes M272 Cam Plugs, Oil Separators, Vacuum Pumps and Vacuum Pump Seals

The Mercedes M272 is a 90° V6 gasoline engine based on its M112 V6 predecessor. Unlike the M112, the Mercedes M272 V6 features dual overhead cam cylinder heads with four valves and only one spark plug per cylinder and Mercedes’ first continuous VVT (variable valve timing) system allows each cam to be adjusted by a range of 40° to optimize performance and fuel economy based on engine load. The Mercedes M272 also received an engine temperature management system with electronic coolant flow control to reduce engine warm up time and maintain optimum engine operating temperature. Found in the W203, W204, W211, W212, W251, aW164, C207, C209, X204, and R171 chassis Mercedes from 2005-2012, common issues with the M272 engines are related to the balance shaft, thermostat, and oil leaks at the camshafts, oil separator and vacuum pump. M272 balance shaft failure is usually result of a prematurely failed balance shaft gear and can result in complete engine failure. However, when caught early, replacement of the balance shaft with updated balance shaft kit will solve this problem but is a costly repair with the engine having to be torn down. Other Mercedes M272 replacement parts include; thermostat failures which can cause engine overheating or the inability to properly heat up, oil leaks form the cam plugs and oil separator cap will cause the engine to leak and lose oil, oil leaks form the cam adjust seals can result in electrical harness failure, and vacuum pump or pump gasket failure can result in the M272 engine burning oil and smoke. Routine maintenance of your Mercedes M272 engine can result in signs of pending failure of any of problem areas and using genuine Mercedes parts to service your vehicle will ensure your Mercedes M272 engine will have the longest life possible. These are the common models plagued by these part failures:

W203 (2006 C280, 2006-2007 C350)
W204 (2006-2007 C230, 2008-2012 C300, 2007-2011 C350)
W211 (2006-2009 E350)
W212 (2010-2011 E350)
C209 (2006-2009 CLK350)
C207 (2010-2011 E350)
X204 (2010-2012 GLK350)
R171 (2005-2011 SLK350)
W251 (2006-2012 R350)
W164 (2006-2011 ML350, 2010-2011 ML450 Hybrid)

Mercedes M273 Cam Plugs, Oil Separators, Vacuum Pumps and Vacuum Pump Seals

The Mercedes M273 V8 engine, like its M113 predecessor, is a very powerful engine used by Mercedes in it’s larger luxury vehicles. Unlike the M113 and even with it’s improved dual overhead cam cylinder heads with four valves and one spark plug per cylinder and constant variable valve timing, the Mercedes M273 engine is not as reliable and has more than it’s fair share of issues. The timing chain guide gear wearing out prematurely, rear engine cam plugs leaking oil down the back of the engine, broken intake manifold actuator cam causing poor performance, thermostat failure overheating the engine, and serpentine belt upper guide pulley failure causing noise and the belt to wear out are all common problems with the Mercedes M273 giving it the reputation as the least reliable of the Mercedes V8 engines. However, the Mercedes M273 engine’s performance on the track has made it very popular amongst Mercedes tuners and enthusiasts. Like with any other Mercedes, routine maintenance, and vehicle inspections will elude you to any needed repairs and can prevent small problems from becoming big ones that require an extensive list of Mercedes parts Also using only genuine Mercedes parts to maintain and service your Mercedes M273 engine running for years to come topping 200,000 miles. These are the common models plagued by these part failures:

X164 (2007-2012 GL450, 2008-2012 GL550)
W221 (2006-2011 S550)
W164 (2008-2011 ML550)
W211 (2007-2011 E550)
C207 (2010-2011 E550)
W219 (2007-2010 CL500)
W216 (2006-2010 CLS550)
R230 (2007-2012 SL550)
C209 (2007-2009 CLK550)
W463 (2009-2015 G550)

Mercedes W164 and W166 Air Compressors and Air Springs

The Mercedes W164 ML and W166 ML and GLE models built from 2006-2019 are luxury SUVs with Mercedes full time 4Matic four-wheel drive and optional AIRMATIC adjustable height air suspension. The Mercedes AIRMATIC suspension with ADS (adaptive damping system) utilizes four adjustable air springs with a central air compressor to adjust air spring pressure providing a smoother more comfortable ride than standard steel coil springs, and the ADS monitors road conditions to instantly adjust the air pressure in the springs to maintain stability and reduce body role. When adding weight to the W164 ML or W166 ML and Mercedes GLE like passengers or cargo, the AIRMATIC suspension will automatically level the vehicle, and at high speeds the AIRMATIC suspension will automatically lower the vehicle to provide more stability and improved fuel economy. The W164 ML models also have the ability for the driver to fine tune the ride to his or her desire with both comfort and sport modes for the suspension, and even allows for the driver to raise the vehicle with the touch of a button when driving in deep snow or on rough terrain. There are many components used by the AIRMATIC system that monitor the W164 ML and W166 ML and GLE and are constantly reporting information such as ride height, axle level, vehicle acceleration, and brake switch function to the AIRMATIC computer to control the air springs, compressor, and air reservoir. If any one of the sensors or any one of the system components were to fail on your W164 ML or W166 ML or GLE, portions of or the entire AIRMATIC system will not function, leaving your ride to feel bumpy and unstable, the ride height to be too low or not level, and an air suspension warning indictor will illuminate. When this happens, it is imperative to have your vehicle inspected by a certified Mercedes technician to find out what the problem is before the problem causing other parts of the suspension to fail. Using original equipment replacement parts when any of the AIRMATIC suspension components fail, will being your Mercedes return the smooth ride back to your W164 ML and W164 ML or GLE. Even when the larger more expensive components light the air springs or air compressor fail, original equipment manufacturers like Bilstein and AMK offer aftermarket versions of the genuine Mercedes parts that fit and function like the originals to get your W164 ML and W166 ML or GLE back on the road without breaking the bank. These are the common models plagued by these part failures:

2006-2011 ML320, ML350, ML450, ML500, ML550, ML63
2011-2015 ML250, ML350, ML400, ML550, ML63
2016-2019 GLE300, GLE350, GLE400, GLE450, GLE43 AMG, GLE550e, GLE63 AMG, and GLE63 AMG S

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