AAZ Preferred 6HP19 Auto Transmision Service Kit | BMW6HP19ATKIT

BMW X5, 328i, 325i, 528i, 530i, 535i, 330i, 335i, 525i, Z4 & more
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Cross References:
  • 24152333907KT3
  • KIT24152333907KT3
  • Complete fluid and filter service kit for BMW models with the ZF GA6HP19Z six speed automatic transmissions every 60,000 miles
  • (7) 83220142516 - Original equipment ZF S671090255 Lifeguard-6 automatic transmission fluid 1 liter bottles
  • (1) 24117552349 - Original equipment ZF 0501321922 18x1.5mm replacement transmission fill plug with seal ring for aluminum case transmissions
  • (1) 24117571217 - Original equipment ZF 0501220297 automatic transmissions pan filter kit for GA6HP19Z transmissions service every 60,000 miles
  • (24) 24117552108 - Original equipment ZF 0736101486 6x28.5mmm replacement torx head GA6HP19Z transmission pan bolts
  • (1) 24347588724 – Original equipment ZF 0501215783 replacement sealing grommet adapter for Mechatronic valve body to pump
  • (2) 24107536339 – Original equipment ZF 0501319279 31.2mm replacement Mechatronic valve body seals to transmission housing
  • (1) 24107536340 - Original equipment ZF 0501319280 35.5mm replacement Mechatronic valve body seal to transmission housing
  • (1) 24107536341 - Original equipment ZF 0501319281 48.9mm replacement Mechatronic valve body seal to transmission housing
  • (1) 24347588725 – Original equipment ZF 0501216272 replacement sealing sleeve with o-rings for mechatronic valve body
  • Fits BMW 128i 2010-2013, 135i 2008-2010, 325i 2006, 330xi 2006, 328i 2011, 328i Convertible 2013-2012, 328i Coupe 2007-2008 and 2012-2013, 328i Wagon 2012, 328i xDrive 2010-2012, 328i xDrive Coupe 2013, 330i 2006, 330xi 2006, 335i 2007-2011, 335i Convertible 2012-2013, 335i Coupe 2012-2013, 335i xDrive 2009-2012, 335i xDrive Coupe 2013, 335xi 2007-2008, 525i 2004-2007, 525xi 2006-2007, 528i 2008-2010, 528i xDrive 2009-2010, 528xi 2008, 530i 2004-2007, 530xi 2006-2007, 535i 2008-2010, 535i xDrive 2009-2010, 535xi 2008, 740i 2011-2012, 740Li 2011-2012, X1 xDrive35i 2013-2015, X5 3.0si 2007-2008, X5 xDrive30i 2009-2010, X6 xDrive35i 2008-2010, Z4 3.0i 2006-2008, Z4 3.0si 2006-8, and Z4 sDrive30i 2009-2011
Left = Driver side and Right = Passenger side.
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Kit Contents

This part number is sold as a kit and contains the following parts below.

83220142516 ZF ATF, Automatic Transmission Fluid; LifeGuard 6 Fluid; 1 liter
Meets original M-1375.4 specification for models with ZF 6-speed transmissions.
24117552349 ZF Auto Trans Fill Plug; With Seal Ring; M18-1.5mm
For models with ZF automatic transmissions only, not used on GM transmissions,...
24117571217 ZF Auto Trans Filter Kit
For models with ZF 6-speed GA6HP19Z automatic transmission, please...
24117552108 ZF Auto Trans Oil Pan Bolt; M6x28.5 Mounting Bolt, Torx Head
For models with late model ZF 6-speed and 8-speed automatic transmissions....
24347588725 ZF Auto Trans Valve Body Sealing Sleeve; Sealing Sleeve with O-Rings; A/T Valve Body (Mechatronic)
For models with ZF model GA6HP19Z or 26Z six-speed transmissions only.

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What This AAZ Preferred 6HP19 Auto Transmision Service Kit Fits?

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10-13 - 128i
Transmission Manufacturer Code: GA6HP19Z
08-10 - 135i
06-06 - 325i E9X
06-06 - 325xi E9X
13-13 - 328i E9X, F3X
Body Type: Convertible; Transmission Manufacturer Code: GA6HP19Z
Body Type: Coupe; Transmission Manufacturer Code: GA6HP19Z
12-12 - 328i E9X, F3X
Body Type: Convertible; Transmission Manufacturer Code: GA6HP19Z
Body Type: Coupe; Transmission Manufacturer Code: GA6HP19Z
Body Type: Wagon; Transmission Manufacturer Code: GA6HP19Z
07-08 - 328i
Body Type: Coupe
11-11 - 328i
Transmission Manufacturer Code: GA6HP19Z
13-13 - 328i xDrive E9X, F3X
Body Type: Coupe; Transmission Manufacturer Code: GA6HP19Z
10-12 - 328i xDrive E9X
Transmission Manufacturer Code: GA6HP19Z
06-06 - 330i E9X
06-06 - 330xi E9X
07-11 - 335i
12-13 - 335i F3X
Body Type: Convertible
Body Type: Coupe
09-12 - 335i xDrive F3X
13-13 - 335i xDrive F3X
Body Type: Coupe
07-08 - 335xi
04-07 - 525i
06-07 - 525xi