BMW XB7 Will Combine the Luxury of the X7 SUV With the Power of the B7 Sedan

BMW XB7 Will Combine the Luxury of the X7 SUV With the Power of the B7 Sedan

The first Alpina-tuned SUV ever available in the United States is on its way - it’s the BMW XB7. Alpina has effectively become BMW’s go-to tuner (BMW does not own Alpina, but Alpina tunes BMW’s output exclusively), tweaking engines and other aspects of BMW’s designs for improved performance and appearance.

In the U.S., the BMW network distributes Alpina products, but Alpina is independently registered in Europe. Recently, Alpina had introduced modifications of the X3 and X4. Now, it’s time for the XB7.

The XB7, a three-row luxury SUV, was recently road-tested in Nürburgring, where spy shots gave us our first glimpse of it. Right away, you’ll notice Alpina trademarks like the lower front fascia and the multi-spoke wheels. It’s Alpina’s version of the X7, BMW’s long-awaited Americanized crossover. The X7, as you may remember, featured:

The XB7 will have a modified version of the same twin-turbo 4.4-liter V-8 as you can find in BMW’s B7 sedan and the X7 SUV. The XB7 is also predicted to have:

The X7 can already do 0 to 60 easily in 4.5 seconds (BMW’s official claim is 4.1), so with Alpina’s modifications, the XB7 may be able to get under the 4-second mark.

The XB7 will probably be making its debut by the end of this year and be launched on the market sometime early next year. The B7 currently sells for $142,695, so the XB7 will likely cost at least that much, possibly more.

You can also expect more tuning from Alpina; the word is out that modifications to the 8-Series Gran Coupe are in the works as a replacement for Alpina’s discontinued B6 Gran Coupe.

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