Electric BMW X7 Could Have Hydrogen Power

Electric BMW X7 Could Have Hydrogen Power

Since its release, the BMW X7 has been receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews, leading the German car manufacturer to wonder what can be done to make it even better. As soon as 2023, a pretty significant change could be coming for this luxury SAV. The company has hinted that at plans to shift the car into an electric model by that point, with hydrogen power being utilized as a backup when electric fuel runs out.

This luxurious vehicle will have an extended range with hydrogen as its fuel source, while the electric fuel would still provide a decent range as well. Having worked with hydrogen power alongside Toyota for a few years now, BMW now feels that it has the know-how to bring this type of technology into one of its most well-received vehicles. Since the cost of hydrogen is higher than other fuel sources, the company chose to go with a more expensive model in the X7 as opposed to one of the economy models.

What many car analysts are gathering is that future models of the X7 with the hydrogen fuel will be marketed as electric vehicles. However, the benefits of the hydrogen fuel will be heavily pushed in future marketing campaigns, as it would be the most substantial change to this model. Electric vehicles are spiking in popularity as they become more and more common, and pushing this aspect and following with the hydrogen power will make the SAV stand out in what could be a crowded selection.

With the excitement of hydrogen power on the rise, it should be noted that BMW has not made it definite that this change will be implemented within this timeframe, or even be implemented at all. Additionally, BMW has not been the only manufacturer to dabble in hydrogen energy when it comes to their vehicles. We will know more in the coming months, but for now, it is an exciting possibility to consider for the X7.

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