Jaguar Land Rover & BMW Jointly Developing Electric Car Parts

Jaguar Land Rover & BMW Jointly Developing Electric Car Parts

Car manufacturers have been famously independent of one another, always competing with each other for the fastest production time, highest profit margins, most advanced technology integration, and so much more. But, with the high demand for environmentally-friendly and cost-effective electric cars, automakers are beginning to feel the drain on their coffers as they seek the Holy Grail of electronic technology and sustainable materials. This problem is so widespread among car manufacturers that it is doing the unthinkable: creating industry alliances. One such partnership is forming between two leading luxury car makers, BMW, and Jaguar Land Rover.

BMW and JLR are both under pressure to launch zero-emission cars, trucks, and SUVs as a result of stricter anti-pollution laws, but they are having difficulty maintaining their profit margins. In fact, Jaguar Land Rover announced an over $4 billion loss earlier this year due to a decline in SUV sales in China and diesel emission clampdowns. This fact, along with expensive electronic technology development, is causing the automaker to redouble its cost-cutting efforts. The resulting partnership between the two groups allows them to keep costs to a minimum through shared technology development, production planning, and joint parts purchasing for transmissions, electric motors, and power electronics.

BMW is planning an ambitious rollout of 12 fully-electric models by 2025, and the new alliance is set to develop BMW’s 5th-generation battery-powered crossover iX3. BMW is reciprocating by agreeing to create an 8-cylinder engine for Jaguar Land Rover. This relationship is already proving symbiosis, and both the manufacturers and the customers will reap the rewards soon.

This alliance is not the most surprising one we could think of, considering that JLR’s chief executive, Ralf Speth, had already spent 20 years at BMW. Not only that, but the engineer and designer of the iPace, Wolfgang Ziebart, was a former BMW board member. However, the idea that top luxury car manufacturers can work together with a common goal gives a glimmer hope that others may soon begin collaborating and speeding up the development process of clean energy technology.

The partnership between JLR and BMW is a step in the right direction for car makers around the globe. But, if you are looking to perform your own updates and repairs on your luxury car and you need to buy Jaguar parts or Land Rover auto parts online, look no further than AutohausAZ.