Sizing Up BMW’s Awe-Inspiring New luxury SUV

Sizing Up BMW’s Awe-Inspiring New luxury SUV

BMW recently introduced its out-of-this-world design for a new luxury SUV, which the German automaker will start manufacturing in 2021.

Fittingly, the original concept model for the “iNEXT” - a working title until the company greenlights an official name for the car - debuted at the 2018 Los Angeles Motor Show. This ultra-sleek marvel of modernity really looks like it belongs in a futuristic movie.

When it comes to car releases we most anticipate, here at AutohausAZ, we’re definitely putting the BMW iNEXT on our A-list.

It’s Electric!

This vehicle is considered the flagship for BMW’s all-electric SUV models. Reports suggest the car will have a maximum battery as big as 120kWh that will run for more than 400 miles on a single charge. The Tesla-led trend toward more electric-powered automobiles keeps growing and evolving.

Going Vegan

Didn’t know cars could have diets, did you? This one has a pretty discriminating taste. The interior of the BMW iNEXT is said to be made from all vegan-friendly materials. But that doesn’t mean the cabin and back seats, which feature open-pore wood, crystal glass, and the softest textile cloth, have a bare-bones look. In fact, according to reports, the interior was inspired by a boutique hotel.

Hands off!

We all know autonomous, or driverless, cars are on the horizon - not just as prototypes, but as actual vehicles on the roads with us. The new BMW still needs a driver, but it reportedly will include “Level 3” autonomous technology that allows for hands-free driving, and the driver can also take his or her eyes off the road at up to 80 miles per hour.

Level 5 is considered the top tier of autonomy, not requiring a driver.

Another notable technological innovation on this model comes in the form of wing-mounted cameras that feature radar, GPS, and an external microphone. You might be sitting in a five-star hotel - or luxury spa - on wheels with the ability to take your hands off the wheel, but you’ll still be hyper-aware of everything that’s going on around you.

Touchscreens are standard on most new car models now, but this iNEXT will, not surprisingly, take that to a new level.

AutohausAZ has BMW parts!

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