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Volvo S70 Ignition Switch
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1998, 1999, 2000 Volvo S70
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1998, 1999 Volvo S70
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The average cost of a Volvo S70 ignition switch is between $32.99 and $64.99.

A Volvo S70 ignition switch is a component located in the steering column of the vehicle. It serves as the main electrical switch that controls the activation of various systems, such as the engine, fuel pump, and ignition.

Turning the key or pressing the start button engages the ignition switch, allowing the vehicle's electrical power to flow, enabling the engine to start.

Signs of a Faulty Volvo S70 Ignition Switch

Some common signs of a faulty Volvo S70 ignition switch include:

  1. Difficulty in turning the key: If you experience resistance or struggle to turn the key in the ignition, it could indicate a problem with the switch.
  2. Engine stalling or not starting: A faulty ignition switch may cause intermittent or complete engine stalls or prevent the vehicle from starting altogether.
  3. Electrical issues: Malfunctioning ignition switches can lead to various electrical problems, such as flickering dashboard lights, non-functional accessories, or erratic behavior of the vehicle's electrical systems.
  4. Ignition lock cylinder issues: Issues with the ignition switch can also manifest as problems with the lock cylinder, such as the key getting stuck or not being able to rotate smoothly.
  5. Unexpected power loss: Faulty ignition switches may cause sudden and unexpected loss of power while driving, posing a safety risk.
  6. Key getting hot: If the key becomes excessively hot after starting the car, it could indicate a problem with the ignition switch.
  7. Battery draining: A defective ignition switch might draw power from the battery even when the vehicle is turned off, leading to frequent battery drain.
  8. Intermittent starting problems: If the car starts inconsistently or requires multiple attempts to start, the ignition switch could be to blame.

It is important to note that the symptoms mentioned above can be indicative of various other issues as well, so it is recommended to have a professional mechanic diagnose the exact cause of the problem.

Typical Lifespan of a Volvo S70 Ignition Switch

The typical lifespan of a Volvo S70 ignition switch can vary, but it is generally designed to last for several years before needing replacement. It is influenced by factors such as usage, maintenance, and individual circumstances.

Buying a Volvo S70 Ignition Switch Online

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