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Volvo 240
ABS Wheel Speed Sensor
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A Volvo 240 ABS wheel speed sensor is an integral component of the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) in your vehicle. It monitors the rotational speed of each wheel during braking to ensure that none of them are locking up or skidding. By providing this information to the ABS control module, the system can adjust the brake pressure to each wheel, ensuring safe and controlled braking. This prevents accidents caused by wheel lock-up, especially on slippery surfaces. It also improves vehicle control during sudden braking. The ABS wheel speed sensor plays a vital role in maintaining the optimal performance and safety of your vehicle.

A Volvo 240 typically has two ABS wheel speed sensors located at the rear wheels.

The lifespan of a Volvo 240 ABS wheel speed sensor can vary widely, but with proper maintenance and under normal driving conditions, it should last for at least 100,000 miles. However, keep in mind that other factors such as the driving environment, the quality of the road surfaces, and the driver's habits can all affect the longevity of any car part. Always pay attention to your vehicle's warning lights and messages and have any potential issues inspected by a professional. If you notice any changes in your car's driving behavior, it could be an indicator that a part, such as the ABS sensor, needs replacement.

Replacing ABS Wheel Speed Sensors On A Volvo 240

  1. Securely park the vehicle on a flat surface and apply the parking brake for safety.
  2. Use a car jack to lift the vehicle's wheel that needs the sensor replacement.
  3. Remove the lug nuts with a lug wrench to take off the tire.
  4. Locate the ABS wheel speed sensor. This is usually found near the axle shaft or behind the brake rotor.
  5. Unplug the electrical connector from the ABS sensor.
  6. Using an appropriate wrench, remove the mounting bolt that holds the ABS sensor in place. Some models might have more than one bolt.
  7. Carefully pry out the ABS sensor from its holder. Be careful not to break it as you might need to return it for a core charge.
  8. Now, it’s time to install the new sensor. Before doing so, clean the area where the old sensor was located to ensure the new sensor seats correctly.
  9. Place the new ABS sensor into its slot and tighten the bolt(s). Do not over tighten as it may damage the new sensor.
  10. Reconnect the electrical connector to the new ABS sensor.
  11. Replace the tire onto your Volvo 240, ensuring the lug nuts are securely tightened.
  12. Lower the vehicle down from the jack.
  13. Start your vehicle and check if the ABS light has turned off on your dashboard. If it's still on, there could be other issues at play, or the sensor might need some time to recalibrate.
  14. Lastly, always remember to test drive your Volvo 240 at a safe speed to ensure everything works correctly.

Bear in mind, these are general steps and may vary slightly depending on the specific model and year of your Volvo 240.

Top Volvo 240 ABS Wheel Speed Sensor Brands for Sale

Genuine Volvo, as the name suggests, refers to the original manufacturer of Volvo parts. Since these parts are produced directly by Volvo or their chosen manufacturers, they are bound by the highest quality standards set by the auto company itself. This assures the consumers that they are getting top-tier, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) quality parts which perfectly fit and function with their vehicles.

The Volvo 240 ABS wheel speed sensor produced by Genuine Volvo is a critical component in ensuring vehicle safety. It helps in monitoring the speed at which the wheels are rotating and effectively communicates this data to the ABS system. This in turn helps in maintaining control and stability of the vehicle, preventing wheel lockups during sudden braking scenarios.

While the quality assurance that comes with Genuine Volvo parts is commendable, it often comes at a premium. These parts are usually the most expensive in the market due to the brand value and the promise of OEM quality that they carry. Despite the higher cost, many customers prefer to invest in Genuine Volvo parts for the sake of reliability, longevity, and maintaining the overall performance of their vehicles.

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