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Volvo 745
ABS Wheel Speed Sensor
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Volvo 745 ABS wheel speed sensor is an essential component of the anti-lock braking system in a Volvo 745 car. Its primary role is to monitor and measure how fast each wheel is rotating at any given time. This information is then relayed to the ABS controller, which modulates brake pressure to prevent wheel lock-up during sudden braking or when driving on slippery surfaces. By preventing wheel lock-up, the ABS system allows the driver to maintain steering control, which can be critical for avoiding obstacles in emergency situations.

A Volvo 745 typically has four ABS wheel speed sensors - one for each wheel.

The lifespan of a Volvo 745 ABS wheel speed sensor can be quite variable and largely depends on driving conditions, maintenance habits, and sheer luck. However, generally speaking, they are designed to last the lifetime of the vehicle. Still, any part may fail prematurely due to various factors such as damage from road debris or corrosion. As such, it's always a good idea to have your vehicle regularly serviced and any suspicious symptoms checked out by a professional mechanic.

Replacing ABS Wheel Speed Sensors On A Volvo 745

Begin by collecting the necessary tools. You'll need a jack and jack stands, a lug wrench or tire iron, a socket set, and a new ABS wheel speed sensor.

  1. Begin by engaging your parking brake, then loosen the lug nuts on the wheel with the affected sensor.
  2. Using the jack, carefully lift the car and secure it with jack stands.
  3. Completely remove the lug nuts and take the tire off.
  4. Locate the ABS sensor behind the brake rotor. It should be held in place with a bolt or two. Remove these bolts using your socket set.
  5. Once the bolts have been removed, you can pull out the sensor. However, it is attached to the car's wiring, so be careful not to pull too hard.
  6. Follow the wire back to where it connects to the car's electrical system. This will typically be a plug that can be disconnected with a bit of pressure.
  7. Plug in your new sensor, making sure the connection is secure.
  8. Following the same route as the old wire, feed the wire of the new sensor back to the brake rotor.
  9. Install the new sensor where the old one was located, securing it with the bolts you previously removed.
  10. Replace the tire and hand-tighten the lug nuts.
  11. Lower the vehicle slowly using the jack and then fully tighten the lug nuts.
  12. Finally, start the car and verify that the ABS warning light on your dashboard has turned off.

Always double-check your work for safety. If the light doesn't turn off, it may be wise to consult with a professional mechanic.

Top Volvo 745 ABS Wheel Speed Sensor Brands for Sale

Genuine Volvo is a manufacturer that stands primarily for authenticity and quality. When you're dealing with Genuine Volvo parts, you're dealing with components that have been created explicitly by Volvo's chosen manufacturers. This ensures that every piece meets the stringent quality standards set by the vehicle manufacturer itself. The designers and engineers who create these parts understand the vehicle and its requirements intrically, offering optimal compatibility and performance.

When you purchase a Genuine Volvo 745 ABS wheel speed sensor, you're investing in a component built with the highest level of craftsmanship, using robust and high-quality materials. These parts are specifically designed to work seamlessly with your Volvo vehicle without causing any conflicts or issues.

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