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Volvo 745
Electrical, Lighting and Body
Door Window Switch
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1985 Volvo 745
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Volvo 745 window switch typically cost between $8.79 and $8.79.

A Volvo 745 window switch is a part of the vehicle's electrical system that controls the operation of the windows. It is typically a small panel with buttons or switches that allow the driver and passengers to open or close the windows with ease.

Causes of a Faulty Volvo 745 Window Switch

There are a few potential causes for a faulty window switch in a Volvo 745:

  1. Wear and tear: Over time, the repeated use of the window switch can lead to internal components wearing out or becoming damaged.
  2. Electrical issues: Problems with the electrical system, such as a short circuit or a blown fuse, can affect the functionality of the window switch.
  3. Moisture or water damage: If water enters the switch assembly, it can cause corrosion or disrupt the electrical connections, resulting in a malfunctioning switch.
  4. Defective switch assembly: In some cases, the switch itself may have been manufactured improperly or with low-quality materials, leading to premature failure.
  5. Physical damage: Accidental impact or excessive force applied to the switch can cause internal damage or misalignment, rendering it inoperable.

Popular Volvo 745 Window Switch Brands

Genuine Volvo is the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of Volvo 745 window switches. As the vehicle manufacturer, Volvo holds Genuine Volvo to exceptionally high quality standards. These parts are designed and manufactured specifically for Volvo vehicles, ensuring a perfect fit and reliable performance. Genuine Volvo parts are known for their superior quality and durability. However, they are typically the most expensive option due to the branding and the strict quality control standards enforced by Volvo.

URO Parts is an aftermarket manufacturer that produces window switches for various vehicle makes, including Volvo. While not directly affiliated with Volvo, URO Parts aims to provide high-quality replacement parts that are comparable to OEM standards. Their window switches are designed to be compatible with Volvo 745 models and offer a more affordable alternative to Genuine Volvo parts. URO Parts emphasizes quality control in manufacturing to ensure reliable functionality and customer satisfaction.

In summary, Genuine Volvo window switches are manufactured by the auto parts manufacturers chosen by Volvo, adhering to stringent quality requirements. These parts are branded under the vehicle manufacturer's name and are renowned for their top-notch quality. On the other hand, URO Parts offers aftermarket window switches that are designed to meet OEM specifications but at a more affordable price point.

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