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Volvo S90
Engine Mount
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1997, 1998 Volvo S90
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The average price of a Volvo S90 engine mount is between $35.99 and $35.99.

A Volvo S90 engine mount is a component that connects the engine to the car's frame, typically through rubber bushings and metal brackets. The purpose of an engine mount is to isolate the vibration and noise from the engine and transfer power from the engine to the wheels without causing excessive stress on the car's structure. Overall, it helps create a smoother and more comfortable driving experience while also protecting the car from unnecessary damage.

The Volvo S90 has four engine mounts.

Signs of a Failing Volvo S90 Engine Mount

Here are some common signs of a faulty engine mount in a Volvo S90:

  1. Vibration: One of the first symptoms of a bad engine mount is excessive vibration throughout the car. You may feel this as a shuddering sensation when you’re driving, especially at low speeds or when idling.
  2. Noise: Another common symptom is a loud knocking or clunking noise coming from the engine bay. This is usually caused by the engine moving around too much due to a worn or broken engine mount.
  3. Poor Handling: If you feel that your vehicle is not handling properly, it could be due to an engine mount problem. A faulty mount can cause the engine to shift out of position, leading to unpredictable handling.
  4. Engine Movement: Look under the hood and check the engine for excessive movement. If you notice that the engine is bouncing around excessively or if it moves noticeably when you apply the brakes or accelerate, this is a sign that the engine mount needs to be replaced.
  5. Visible Damage: Finally, you may be able to see physical damage to the engine mount itself. Cracks, tears, or other signs of wear are all signs that the mount needs to be replaced.

Typical Lifespan of a Volvo S90 Engine Mount

The lifespan of a Volvo S90 engine mount can vary depending on a number of factors, such as driving conditions and maintenance practices. However, engine mounts generally last between 5-7 years or around 100,000 miles. It is recommended to have them inspected regularly and replaced if there are signs of cracking, leaking, or excessive wear.

Buying a Volvo S90 Engine Mount Online

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