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1997, 1998 Volvo S90
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2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 Volvo S90, S90 AWD, S90 FWD
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Volvo S90 expansion tank typically cost between $29.99 and $52.46.

The Volvo S90 expansion tank, also known as a coolant reservoir, is a crucial component of the vehicle's cooling system. It is responsible for holding excess coolant as it expands due to heat generated by the engine. The expansion tank is usually made of plastic and is transparent to allow for easy visual inspection of the coolant level.

In most Volvo S90 models, the expansion tank is located near the front of the engine compartment, typically on the passenger side. It is often positioned next to the radiator and connected to it through hoses. However, it is advisable to consult the owner's manual or seek professional assistance for accurate information as the exact location may vary depending on the model year and engine configuration of your Volvo S90.

The typical lifespan of a Volvo S90 expansion tank can vary depending on several factors such as usage, maintenance, and driving conditions. However, on average, the expansion tank can last anywhere from 5 to 10 years. It is important to regularly inspect the tank for any signs of leakage or damage and replace it if needed to prevent coolant system issues.

Signs of a Faulty Volvo S90 Expansion Tank

The most common signs of a faulty Volvo S90 expansion tank include:

  1. Coolant Leaks: The expansion tank may develop cracks or leaks, leading to coolant seepage or puddles forming underneath the vehicle.
  2. Overheating Engine: A faulty expansion tank can result in a loss of coolant, causing the engine to overheat. This can be indicated by the temperature gauge rising above the normal range on the dashboard.
  3. Low Coolant Levels: If the expansion tank is not functioning properly, it may fail to maintain the proper coolant levels. This can be observed by frequent low coolant warnings or the need to frequently top up the coolant reservoir.
  4. Discolored Coolant: A faulty expansion tank can allow contaminants or debris to mix with the coolant. As a result, the coolant may appear discolored or have a murky appearance.
  5. Coolant Odor: When the expansion tank develops a crack or leak, it can emit a distinct coolant odor. This smell may be noticeable inside the cabin or when standing near the front of the vehicle.
  6. Visible Damage: Inspect the expansion tank for any visible signs of damage such as cracks, bulges, or distortion. These can indicate a faulty tank that needs to be replaced.
  7. Pressure Issues: A failing expansion tank can lead to pressure problems within the cooling system. Symptoms may include hissing sounds, fluctuating temperature readings, or a feeling of pressure release when opening the coolant cap.

If you suspect a faulty expansion tank in your Volvo S90, it is recommended to have it inspected and repaired by a qualified mechanic or Volvo dealership.

Top Volvo S90 Expansion Tank Manufacturers

Rein Automotive is a well-known manufacturer that produces high-quality expansion tanks for the Volvo S90. They have built a strong reputation in the automotive industry for their reliable and durable parts. Rein Automotive focuses on providing aftermarket parts that match or exceed the original equipment quality, making them a popular choice among Volvo owners looking for reliable replacements.

On the other hand, Genuine Volvo expansion tanks are manufactured exclusively by the auto parts manufacturers chosen by Volvo itself. These parts are held to extremely high quality standards set by the vehicle manufacturer. Genuine Volvo expansion tanks are synonymous with original equipment quality, ensuring optimal performance and fitment for your Volvo S90. However, due to the branded association with the vehicle manufacturer, Genuine Volvo parts are typically more expensive than aftermarket alternatives.

Ultimately, both Rein Automotive and Genuine Volvo expansion tanks are reputable choices for your Volvo S90's cooling system. While Rein Automotive provides reliable aftermarket options, Genuine Volvo offers the assurance of original equipment quality, albeit at a higher cost. Consider your budget and preferences when deciding between these two trusted manufacturers.

Shop Deals On Volvo S90 Expansion Tanks

Shopping at AutohausAZ for a Volvo S90 expansion tank has several distinct advantages. Firstly, AutohausAZ offers an extensive selection of expansion tanks specifically designed for Volvo S90 models. This ensures that customers can easily find the perfect fit for their vehicle without any hassle or uncertainty.

Additionally, AutohausAZ provides high-quality expansion tanks that are manufactured to meet or exceed OEM specifications. This guarantees that customers will receive a reliable and durable product that is built to last. The consistent performance and longevity of these expansion tanks contribute to the overall satisfaction of Volvo S90 owners.

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Lastly, AutohausAZ maintains a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and provides exceptional customer service. Their dedicated support team is readily available to assist customers with any inquiries or concerns they may have throughout the shopping process. This attentive customer service ensures that customers feel valued and supported, enhancing their overall shopping experience.

In conclusion, AutohausAZ offers Volvo S90 owners a range of advantages when shopping for an expansion tank - a comprehensive selection, high-quality products, competitive pricing, a user-friendly website, and exceptional customer service. These benefits make AutohausAZ an excellent choice for obtaining a Volvo S90 expansion tank while ensuring a positive and satisfying shopping experience.

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