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BMW 850CSI fuel injector typically cost between $3.19 and $30.84.

The BMW 850CSI fuel injector is a component of the fuel injection system in the BMW 850CSI model. It is responsible for delivering fuel into the combustion chamber of each cylinder, ensuring the precise amount of fuel is mixed with air for efficient combustion. The fuel injector operates through an electronically controlled valve that opens and closes rapidly, allowing fuel to be sprayed in a fine mist form. This helps to maximize fuel atomization, improve engine performance, and optimize fuel efficiency.

Signs of Faulty or Worn BMW 850CSI Fuel Injector

Some common signs of faulty or worn out fuel injectors in a BMW 850CSI may include:

  1. Engine misfires: One of the most noticeable symptoms is engine misfiring or stumbling, where the engine runs unevenly or experiences power loss.
  2. Rough idle: Faulty fuel injectors can cause the engine to have an unstable or rough idle, making it vibrate or shake more than usual when at a standstill.
  3. Decreased fuel efficiency: Worn-out or clogged fuel injectors may lead to poor fuel atomization, resulting in decreased fuel efficiency and increased fuel consumption.
  4. Engine hesitation or stumbling: When fuel injectors are not able to provide a consistent and precise flow of fuel, it can cause the engine to hesitate or stumble upon acceleration.
  5. Lack of power and reduced performance: Faulty fuel injectors can result in decreased power output and overall reduced performance of the vehicle.
  6. Strong odor from exhaust: If fuel injectors are leaking or not functioning correctly, it may lead to unburned fuel entering the exhaust system, causing a strong smell of fuel from the tailpipe.
  7. Difficulty starting the engine: A faulty fuel injector may cause problems during engine startup, leading to difficulty in starting the vehicle or prolonged cranking before it fires up.
  8. Check Engine Light (CEL) illumination: In many cases, a malfunctioning fuel injector can trigger the vehicle's onboard diagnostic system, resulting in the illumination of the Check Engine Light.

If you suspect any issues with your fuel injectors, it is recommended to have your BMW 850CSI inspected and diagnosed by a qualified mechanic or BMW dealership to accurately determine the cause and perform any necessary repairs or replacements.

Replacing BMW 850CSI Fuel Injectors

To replace the fuel injector in a BMW 850CSI, here are the steps:

  1. Gather the necessary tools and materials: You will need a new fuel injector, a socket set, screwdrivers, pliers, a fuel line disconnect tool, safety glasses, gloves, and a rag.
  2. Park the vehicle in a safe and well-ventilated area: Make sure the engine is turned off and the car is in park with the parking brake engaged. Allow the engine to cool down completely before starting.
  3. Locate the fuel injector: The fuel injector is typically found on the fuel rail, which is mounted on top of the engine. Consult the vehicle's service manual or online resources to identify its exact location.
  4. Relieve fuel system pressure: Locate the fuel pump relay or fuse in the vehicle's fuse box, and remove it to deactivate the fuel pump. Start the engine and let it run until it stalls, which will release the remaining fuel pressure.
  5. Disconnect the battery: As a safety precaution, disconnect the negative terminal of the battery to prevent any accidental electrical discharge during the replacement process.
  6. Remove the fuel rail: Loosen the bolts securing the fuel rail and carefully detach it from the engine. Be cautious not to damage any surrounding components or fuel lines when removing the fuel rail.
  7. Disconnect the old fuel injector: Use the appropriate size socket or wrench to remove the retaining clip or bolts holding the fuel injector in place. Gently twist and pull the injector out of the fuel rail, taking care not to damage the O-rings.
  8. Replace the fuel injector: Install the new fuel injector into the fuel rail, making sure the O-rings are properly seated. Secure it in place with the retaining clip or bolts, ensuring a firm connection.
  9. Reassemble the fuel rail: Carefully reattach the fuel rail to the engine, aligning it with its mounting points. Tighten the bolts securely but avoid overtightening.
  10. Reconnect the battery: Once the fuel rail is securely in place, reconnect the negative terminal of the battery.
  11. Test for leaks and functionality: Turn the ignition key to the "on" position (without starting the engine) to prime the fuel system. Inspect for any signs of fuel leakage around the new injector. Start the engine and listen for smooth operation and consistent fuel flow.
  12. Clean up and finalize: Double-check all connections, secure any loose components, and clear away any tools or debris from the working area. Dispose of the old fuel injector properly.

It's important to note that these steps are provided as a general guideline, and specific details may vary depending on the BMW 850CSI model year and other factors. It's always best to consult the vehicle's service manual or seek professional assistance if you are unsure or uncomfortable performing the replacement yourself.

Typical Lifespan of BMW 850CSI Fuel Injectors

The lifespan of a BMW 850CSI fuel injector can vary depending on various factors such as driving conditions, maintenance practices, and quality of fuel used. However, on average, fuel injectors in modern vehicles like the 850CSI can last around 100,000 to 150,000 miles before they may require replacement or maintenance. It is important to regularly inspect and clean the fuel injectors as part of routine maintenance to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

BMW 850CSI Fuel Injectors at Discount Prices

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