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For models with DSC (Dynamic Stability Control). 1 per car.
BMW X5, 528i, 530i, 525i, 540i, M5, 740iL, 740i, 525i Sport Wagon, 750iL & more
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BMW X5, 528i, 530i, 525i, 540i, M5, 740iL, 740i, 525i Sport Wagon, 750iL & more
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Leaves warehouse within 1-2 business days.
For models without DSC (Dynamic Stability Control). 1 per car.
BMW 528i, 530i, 525i, 540i, 740iL, 740i, 525i Sport Wagon, 750iL, 528iT, 540iT
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The average price of a BMW 528IT brake master cylinder is between $67.99 and $123.99.

The BMW 528iT brake master cylinder is a component of the braking system. It is responsible for generating hydraulic pressure that actuates the brakes when you depress the brake pedal. The brake master cylinder is located in the engine bay, typically near the firewall on the driver's side of the vehicle.

Signs of Faulty or Worn BMW 528IT Brake Master Cylinder

When a BMW 528IT brake master cylinder is faulty or worn out, several signs may indicate the problem. These signs include:

  1. Soft or spongy brake pedal: If you notice that your brake pedal feels soft or spongy when you press it, it may indicate a failing or worn brake master cylinder.
  2. Brake fluid leaks: Inspect your vehicle for any signs of brake fluid leakage. Leaking fluid around the brake master cylinder is a clear indication of a problem.
  3. Brake warning light: If the brake warning light on your dashboard illuminates, it may be a sign of a malfunctioning brake master cylinder. However, this light can indicate various brake-related issues, so further diagnosis is necessary.
  4. Poor braking performance: Decreased braking power or longer braking distances can occur due to a faulty brake master cylinder. If you notice that your BMW 528IT takes longer to stop or the brakes feel less responsive, it's time to have the master cylinder checked.
  5. Brakes engaged without pressing the pedal: If the brakes engage or drag without any input from the brake pedal, it may be an indication of a stuck or faulty brake master cylinder.
  6. Loss of brake pressure: A failing brake master cylinder may result in a loss of brake pressure. You may need to apply more force to the brake pedal to achieve the same amount of braking power.
  7. Absence of a firm brake pedal feel: A worn-out brake master cylinder can cause the brake pedal to feel excessively firm or unresponsive. This lack of proper pedal feedback can make it difficult to modulate the brakes effectively.

If you suspect any issues with your BMW 528IT's brake master cylinder, it is recommended to have it inspected and repaired by a qualified mechanic or BMW dealership.

Top BMW 528IT Brake Master Cylinder Brands for Sale

1. TRW/Lucas-Girling:
TRW, also known as Lucas-Girling, is a renowned manufacturer of automotive components and systems, including brake master cylinders. With a long-standing reputation in the industry, TRW/Lucas-Girling is recognized for producing high-quality parts that meet the stringent standards set by the vehicle manufacturers. Their brake master cylinders are known for their durability, reliability, and performance. As a trusted OEM supplier, TRW/Lucas-Girling ensures that their products deliver the same level of quality and performance as the original equipment installed in BMW vehicles. While their products may come at a premium price, they provide peace of mind for those seeking genuine, top-notch replacement parts.

2. URO Parts:
URO Parts is a reputable aftermarket manufacturer that specializes in producing replacement components for various automotive brands, including BMW. While URO Parts aims to offer cost-effective alternatives to genuine parts, it is important to note that they do not produce branded parts under the vehicle manufacturer's name. Their brake master cylinders are designed to fit and function like the original equipment but may not necessarily meet the exacting standards of the vehicle manufacturer. However, URO Parts is committed to providing reliable and affordable options for consumers who seek quality aftermarket replacements. It is advisable to thoroughly research and consider customer reviews and feedback when opting for URO Parts as an alternative to genuine branded parts.

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