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This is original version replacement with threaded holes, please verify existing unit prior to ordering. 1 per car.
BMW X3, 328i, 325i, M3, 528i, 530i, 330i, Z3, 330Ci, 525i & more
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Leaves warehouse within 1-2 business days.

The average price of a BMW 528IT starter is between $133.99 and $167.99.

The BMW 528iT starter is a component of the car's engine starting system. It is an electric motor that is responsible for turning the engine over so that it can fire up and begin running. When you turn the key in the ignition, the starter motor receives power from the battery and engages with the engine's flywheel, which turns the crankshaft and starts the engine.

Signs of a Faulty BMW 528IT Starter

  1. Clicking sound: When you try to start the engine, and you hear a clicking sound instead of the engine turning over.
  2. Grinding noise: A grinding noise can also be an indication of starter failure, which occurs when the starter gear is not engaging properly with the flywheel.
  3. Slow Cranking: If the starter motor turns over slowly or requires multiple attempts to start the engine, it may be an indication of a failing starter.
  4. Electrical issues: When the starter is failing, it can cause issues with the electrical system of your vehicle, such as flickering lights or dimming headlights.
  5. Smoke: If you notice smoke coming from your engine or a burning smell, it could mean that your starter is overheating, which can lead to failure.
  6. Corrosion: Over time, corrosion can build up on the starter's terminals, leading to reduced power output and potential starter failure.
  7. Battery issues: Sometimes, a faulty starter may drain your battery, leaving you with a car that won't start.

Steps for Testing Your BMW 528IT Starter

  1. Check the battery - Before testing the starter on a BMW 528IT, make sure the battery is fully charged and properly connected.
  2. Locate the starter - The starter on a BMW 528IT is typically located on the bottom side of the engine.
  3. Inspect the starter - Look for any visible signs of damage, such as cracks, loose connections or corrosion.
  4. Test the starter solenoid - Use a test light to check if the starter solenoid is getting power when the ignition key is turned. If the solenoid is getting power but the starter doesn't turn over, the starter may be defective.
  5. Check the starter motor - If the starter solenoid is getting power and the starter doesn't turn over, check the starter motor for signs of damage or wear. Tap the starter with a hammer and try starting the vehicle again. If the starter turns over after tapping, the starter motor may be failing.
  6. Check the starter relay - The starter relay is responsible for sending power to the starter. Test the starter relay by swapping it with a known good one or checking for continuity with a multimeter.
  7. Diagnose any potential wiring issues - Check for loose connections or damaged wires leading to the starter and correct any issues found.
  8. Reassemble any parts previously removed - If the starter is deemed faulty and needs to be replaced, reassemble any parts that were previously removed and install a new starter.

Note: It is recommended that any electrical testing of a BMW 528IT be performed by a certified mechanic or technician.

Buying a BMW 528IT Starter Online

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