The 3 Most Frequently Replaced Auto Parts

The 3 Most Frequently Replaced Auto Parts

When the automobile was first introduced in the late 19th century, there was no way early inventors could have imagined just how prominent the automobile would become in our society. While we’ve come a long way from steam-powered vehicles and the Ford Model T, the automobiles that we drive today are not faultless, and occasionally parts will break down. As a leading online provider of discounted auto parts, we here at AutohausAZ are very familiar with the auto parts that need replacing the most. In fact, below is a list of three.


Every four to five years, it’s a wise decision to replace your vehicle's battery. When the battery in your car starts to age, typically, the performance of your vehicle will suffer. Before you know it, you are stuck on the side of the road waiting for a jump start! Some of the causes that can lead to battery failure include acid stratification, low charge, leaving lights on, running the air conditioning when the car isn’t started, and so much more. Furthermore, the more you drive your car, the sooner the battery will need to be replaced!


As you drive down the highways and byways, flying debris and dirt hits the windshield of your vehicle and can sometimes cause minor scratches or even cracks. Driving with a windshield that is cracked or dinged up can be a hazard, so it’s important to get the damaged windshield replaced as soon as possible. Also, you can’t forget about replacing windshield wipers either. It’s best to replace windshield wipers every two years or sooner depending on how much you use them.

Brake Pads

Depending on the type of vehicle you drive, the replacement frequency of your brake pads can vary. Generally, larger vehicles wear out their brake pads quicker than smaller vehicles. However, if the type of driving you do requires stop-and-go, like in a city, this can play a role in when your brake pads need to be replaced. A good rule of thumb to abide by, regardless of the type of vehicle you drive, is to have brake pads replaced every three to five years or 30,000 to 60,000 miles.

To ensure that the vehicle you drive is reliable and safe for operation, it’s important to check on these car parts regularly. If you are searching for a place online that sells discounted Mercedes Benz parts and other luxury vehicle parts, be sure to browse our website’s vast inventory. Our easy-to-navigate online inventory makes it simple to find the Mercedes parts you need and so much more!