Car Buyers Guide: Tips for Buying A Used Car

Car Buyers Guide: Tips for Buying A Used Car

Purchasing a used car can be difficult and stressful. Finding a good deal on a vehicle that meets your needs and fits your budget can feel like an endless treasure hunt. The experts at AutohausAZ, the leading seller of Volvo auto parts online, put together this brief guide to help you through the steps that you should take to find the right “new” used car.

First and Foremost - Why Buy a Used Car?

There are loads of reasons to buy a used car instead of new one. One of the most common advantages to buying used is that it will save you money on car insurance, registration, depreciation, and taxes. Additionally, because cars have never been more reliable, it makes sense to spend less money on a reliable used car than buying a brand new car. Some vehicles are trouble-free for well over 100,000 miles - so do you really need a car fresh off the lot? Not likely.

1.) Shop Around Certain Times for the Best Deal

Did you know that to save the most money buying a new “used” car, you have to buy it at the right time?

Around certain holidays. The best holidays to find a good deal on a used car at a dealership are Veteran’s Day, Black Friday, and Christmas Eve.

Toward the end of quota deadlines.. Car salespeople have sales quotas that they need to hit each month, quarter, and calendar year. Try buying a used car toward the end of those periods to get an excellent deal.

After new models have been released. Since many buyers seek the latest and greatest technology, buying a used model of a recently redesigned vehicle can save you serious money.

2.) Don’t Go Looking Anywhere

Most of the time, you have multiple options on where to buy a used car. You can check out a wide assortment of choices at new and used car dealerships in your area. These dealerships typically sell used cars that have been thoroughly inspected before they put them on the lot. Sometimes dealerships offer warranties as well, which you won't get from a private seller.

You can also check for private sellers in your area, but purchasing from a private seller comes with its own set of risks.

Things You Should Do Before Buying

Do your research! Once you’ve narrowed down the car models you like, check their average used retail price on Kelley Blue Book. The cost will vary depending on the year they came out and the number of miles they’ve been driven. Doing your homework will help you keep prices and options for negotiating in mind.

Set a budget before stepping into a dealership. This will help you avoid getting taken advantage of by a pushy salesperson to extend your budget. By setting a price limit for yourself, this will help you negotiate a price you are truly comfortable with.

Check reviews of your dealership. This can help you avoid places which are known for making sketchy sales.

Be aware of the red flags. Whether you’re at a dealership or shopping with private sellers, you need to know the red flags so you can walk away before making a purchase. A good dealer/seller should always provide you with a Carfax report, show you a clean title, let you test drive as long as you need, and either offer to have a technician inspect it or allow you to have a technician check the vehicle. If you are not allowed or showed any of the above, that car isn’t for you.

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