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Brake Pad Wear Sensor
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BMW 524TD brake pad sensor typically cost between $4.19 and $23.59.

A BMW 524TD brake pad sensor is a safety device in your car that warns you when it's time to replace the brakes. The sensor works by monitoring the thickness of the brake pads. When the pads wear down to a certain point, the sensor sends a signal to the car's computer system, illuminating a warning light on the dashboard. This gives the driver an important heads-up that the brake pads are nearing their end and need to be replaced soon. Without this sensor, drivers would have to rely on physical symptoms or regular inspections to know when their brake pads are worn out.

A BMW 524TD typically comes with two brake pad sensors. One is located in the front and another one in the rear.

Replacing Brake Pad Sensors On A BMW 524TD

  1. Begin by preparing your tools. You'll need a jack, jack stands, a socket wrench set, brake cleaner, new brake pads, and of course, the new brake pad sensor.
  2. Start with the vehicle safely on a flat surface. Engage the parking brake for added safety.
  3. Use the jack to lift the car, and then rest the car on the jack stands. Never work under a car supported only by a jack.
  4. Remove the wheels. This will often require a 17mm deep socket.
  5. Once the wheel is off, you can access the brake caliper, brake pads, and brake pad sensor. The sensor is a small, rectangular piece attached to the brake pad. It's connected to the car by a thin wire.
  6. Disconnect the existing brake pad sensor. This can usually be done by simply pulling it out, but some models may require a small screwdriver or pair of pliers.
  7. Install the new brake pad sensor in the same position as the old one. Be sure to secure it to the same point on the brake pad.
  8. Replace the brake pads, if necessary. Also a good time to clean the brake calipers using a suitable brake cleaner.
  9. Re-attach the wheel tightly using the lug nuts.
  10. Lower the vehicle from the jack stands using the jack.
  11. Lastly, turn on your car and check that no warning lights are on the dashboard. If everything's done correctly, you're good to go!

Remember, if there's any doubts or issues, never hesitate to contact a professional mechanic.

Top BMW 524TD Brake Pad Sensor Brands for Sale

Genuine BMW is a renowned manufacturer of premium brake pad sensors. This brand takes pride in the quality of their products, which undergo rigorous testing to ensure their durability and efficiency. As a provider of original equipment (OE) components, they adhere to the manufacturers' strict quality policies. Despite the high price tag that comes with the Genuine BMW tag, the product's longevity and trustworthiness justifies the cost.

Febi, on the other hand, has carved its niche in the international market as a reputable and reliable supplier of auto parts including brake pad sensors for BMW 524TD. They are known for their robust products that are designed with the vehicle's safety in mind. Although their parts are not branded under vehicle manufacturers’ names, they endeavor to meet and sometimes even exceed OE standards, making them a preferred choice for many motorists.

Last but not least, Sadeca is a global player in the automotive industry that provides a wide range of products including brake pad sensors. They're committed to producing innovative solutions that boost vehicle safety and performance. Their brake pad sensors for BMW 524TD are crafted with precision, promising optimal efficiency. Despite not being a vehicle manufacturer’s name brand, Sadeca maintains high-quality output that gives drivers peace of mind.

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