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The average price of a BMW 524TD wheel hub is between $14.09 and $14.09.

The BMW 524TD wheel hub is a component of the vehicle's wheel assembly that supports the weight of the car and allows the wheels to rotate smoothly. It typically lasts for a long time, but the lifespan can vary depending on various factors such as driving conditions, maintenance, and quality of the part.

Regular inspections and proper maintenance can help ensure the longevity of the wheel hub. If any signs of damage or wear are detected, it is recommended to have it replaced by a qualified mechanic.

Signs of a Worn BMW 524TD Wheel Hub

  • Excessive play or movement in the wheel
  • Grinding or rumbling noises coming from the hub area
  • Vibration or shaking in the steering wheel while driving
  • Uneven tire wear
  • Steering wheel pulling to one side
  • Difficulty in turning the wheel smoothly
  • ABS (anti-lock braking system) warning light illuminated on the dashboard

The Differences Between BMW 524TD Wheel Hubs and Wheel Bearings

The BMW 524TD wheel hubs and wheel bearings serve distinct roles in the performance and stability of the vehicle's wheels.

Wheel hubs are an integral component that connects the wheels to the vehicle's axle, providing support and allowing rotation. They also house the wheel bearings, which facilitate smooth and efficient wheel movement by reducing friction.

Wheel bearings, on the other hand, are small, steel balls or rollers that allow the wheels to spin freely with minimal resistance. While wheel hubs focus on load-bearing and structural integrity, wheel bearings are responsible for enabling efficient rotation and maintaining the overall smoothness of the wheel movement.

Replacement BMW 524TD Wheel Hub Parts

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