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Genuine VW/Audi Oil Pan; Cover Plate for Oil Sensor Hole | 03G103707

Audi A4 Quattro, A4
VW Jetta, Passat, Golf, Golf R, Jetta MK4, Jetta MK3, Golf MK4
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  • You may also need flange sealant!

    This 50ml tube of Loctite sealant forms a tough flexible rubber like seal and is ideal for use on automotive engine and differentials where vibrations are prominent.

    00004320435 Loctite Sealant; 50ml Tube

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P/N: 03G103707 Genuine VW/Audi
Cover Plate for Oil Sensor Hole
This plate is used to cover oil level sensor hole in oil pan for models not originally equipped with sensor. Also need 038103196 seal and 3 pcs N10456201 mounting screws.
Cross References:
  • W01331854048

Oil pans are the lower cover of an engine or transmission and are the reservoir to hold oil or transmission fluid until needed by the engine or transmission. They are often stamped metal that bolt directly to the bottom of the engine block or transmission valve body case and have a threaded drain port with a drain plug to drain oil or transmission fluid for routine maintenance.

Oil pans are not often replaced unless damaged. Road debris hitting the engine oil pan can dent the oil pan preventing oil or transmission fluid from being picked up by the oil pump. The impact from road debris can also cause the oil pan not to sit flush against the engine block or transmission valve body case, creating leaks. Stripped drain ports can also cause leaking from the oil pan. Transmission oil pans containing filters will require regular replacement of the filter.

Oil pans are sealed to the engine and transmission with gaskets, usually made of cork or silicone, with some engine oil pans only being sealed with liquid silicone that hardens to create the seal. Engine vibrations and deterioration of the gaskets and sealant can cause the oil pans to leak where they are mounted and will require the removal of the oil pan to replace the gaskets or sealant.

Replacing Your Vehicle's Oil Pan

When replacing or resealing an oil pan, it is essential to thoroughly clean the mating surfaces of the oil pan to the engine or transmission and use the vehicle manufacturer's torque specifications. Even the smallest amount of dirt or debris can cause the oil pan gaskets not to seal properly, causing the pan to leak. Likewise, over-tightened or under-tightened oil pans can cause the gaskets or sealant to not hold in place, creating oil leaks.

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What This Genuine VW/Audi Oil Pan Fits?

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01-02 - A4 Base, B5
For models with AWM engine code only.
01-02 - A4 Quattro Base, Avant, B5
For models with AWM engine code only.
00-01 - Golf GTI GLX
For models with AFP engine code only.
99-99 - Golf MK4 GTI
For models with AFP engine code only.
12-13 - Golf R
03-03 - Jetta GLI
00-04 - Jetta GLS, GLS VR6, GLX
For models with AFP engine code only.
99-99 - Jetta MK3 GLX
Manufacturer Body Code: A4
99-99 - Jetta MK4 GLS, GLX
For models with AFP engine code only.
12-14 - Passat TDI SE, TDI SEL, TDI SEL Premium
02-05 - Passat
For models with AWM engine code only.