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Febi-Bilstein Ignition Switch; 6 Pin Connection, Screw Mount | 111905865L

Audi Coupe, 4000 Quattro, Quattro, 4000
Porsche 944, 914, 924
VW Jetta, Golf, Beetle, Vanagon, Rabbit, Cabriolet, Rabbit Pickup, Scirocco, Super Beetle, Karmann Ghia & more
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P/N: 111905865L Febi-Bilstein
6 Pin Connection, Screw Mount
1 per car.
Cross References:
  • 111905865LFE
  • 171905865
  • 26652
  • W01331635080

Your vehicle’s ignition switch turns your vehicle on and starts the engine. Ignition switches come in an array of designs, but all function similarly. Whether your vehicle uses a physical key that must be inserted into the ignition switch, a key fob with a chip that must be inserted into the ignition switch, or a key fob with a chip that simply needs to be in the vehicle, the ignition switch only allows your unique keys to turn on and start your vehicle.

Ignition switches fail in a multitude of ways. Physical failure of an ignition switch can include the tumbler becoming stuck or breaking free from the switch and being able to turn freely around in the switch. Physical failure can also include the pins in the tumbler wearing, preventing the key from turning the tumbler, and the connection between the tumbler and the electrical switch wearing and no longer making contact.

Electrical failures include an open circuit in the switch, a short to ground, worn electrical pins not connecting, and circuit or memory failure of the chip reader. Any component failures of an ignition switch will result in your vehicle having difficulty starting or not starting at all.

Important Note:

Weak or dead batteries in a key fob and unprogrammed keys can mimic a failed ignition switch. Always check the key fob batteries and ensure that key fobs and chipped keys are properly programmed before replacing ignition switches.

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Since 1844, Febi has been manufacturing parts in Germany. From tie rods to control arms to cylinder head bolts, Febi offers over 37,000 OE quality replacement parts at an affordable price. Whether you are a DIYer or a professional, the quality and reliability of Febi Bilstein products are made for your next repair.
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What This Febi-Bilstein Ignition Switch Fits?

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80-87 - 4000 Base, S
84-87 - 4000 Quattro CS, S
81-87 - Coupe Base, GT
83-85 - Quattro , Base
75-76 - 914
77-88 - 924 Base, S, Turbo
83-84 - 944
85-85 - 944
For models with production date through 1/1985.
74-74 - 412
For models with chassis serial number from 2019429, approximately 12/1973.
75-79 - Beetle
74-74 - Beetle
For models with chassis serial number from 2358022, approximately 12/1973.
75-79 - Bus, Camp, Transport
74-74 - Bus, Camp, Transport
For models with chassis serial number from 2164060, approximately 12/1973.
85-93 - Cabriolet
78-81 - Dasher
87-90 - Fox Base, GL, GL Sport
91-91 - Fox Base, GL
For models with production date through 4/1991.
85-88 - Golf Base, Custom, GL, GT, GTI & more
89-90 - Golf Base, GL, GTI 16-Valve, GTI 8-Valve
For models with chassis serial number through 006600, approximately 10/1989.
80-88 - Jetta Base, Carat, Deluxe, GL, GLI & more
89-89 - Jetta Base, Carat, GL, GLI 16-Valve
For models with chassis serial number through 400000, approximately 1/1989.
74-74 - Karmann Ghia
For models with chassis serial number from 2358022, approximately 12/1973.
82-88 - Quantum Base, DLX, GL, GL Deluxe TDI, Syncro
75-84 - Rabbit Base, Custom, Deluxe, GL, GL Custom & more
80-84 - Rabbit Convertible
80-83 - Rabbit Pickup
75-88 - Scirocco Base, 16-Valve, DLX