JP Group Dansk Horn; 12Volt; 335Hz | 111951113B

Audi Fox
Porsche 911, 914, 912, 924, 356B, 356C, 356A, 356SC
VW Jetta, Rabbit, Scirocco, Rabbit Pickup, Rabbit Convertible, Squareback, Fastback, 412, Dasher, Transporter & more
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P/N: 111951113B JP Group Dansk
12Volt; 335Hz
1 per car.
Cross References:
  • 012112901
  • 0320043010
  • 0986320132
  • 1008000043
  • 111951113A
  • 111951113BFE
  • 111951113BZ
  • 191951113A
  • 38100SA0672
  • 38100SAO672
  • 38150657671
  • 88554002500
  • 88554002627
  • 982031B
  • VWH2
  • W01331789506

The horn on your vehicle is a safety system to alert other drivers or pedestrians of your location and the movement of your vehicle to avoid an accident. Your horn can also be used to gain the attention of distracted drivers who may not be paying attention to traffic signals.

How Your Vehicle's Horn Works

The horn operates by using an electrical current to magnetize and demagnetize a solenoid which causes an internal diaphragm to vibrate and create a pressure to pass through the horn's trumpet to create sound. Many vehicles utilize two horns, one low frequency and one high frequency to generate a range of sound that can be detected by ears both near and far away.

The horn circuit consists of a horn button in the steering wheel that completes the circuit and allows voltage to flow from the horn button through a contact ring or clockspring in the steering column. This energizes a relay that closes the relay switch to allow voltage to flow to the horn for operation. The horn itself is connected via one lead wire for electricity and is grounded to the engine by the horn mounting bracket.

Replacing Your Horn

Horn replacement is a fairly simple process. To replace the horn on your vehicle you’ll need to unplug the wire connector on the horn and unbolt the horn from the mount on the engine. This will allow you to remove your horn and replace it.

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Left = Driver side and Right = Passenger side.
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What This JP Group Dansk Horn Fits?

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73-75 - Fox
12 Volt w/ Single Horn
56-59 - 356A
12 Volt 12V; Valvesper Engine: 12
60-62 - 356B Base, SUPER, SUPER 90
12 Volt 12V; Valvesper Engine: 12
64-65 - 356C
12 Volt
64-65 - 356SC
12 Volt 12V; Valvesper Engine: 12
65-69 - 911 Base, E, L, S, T
12 Volt
66-69 - 912
12 Volt
70-76 - 914 Base, 4
12 Volt
70-71 - 914 6
12 Volt 2.0L
77-82 - 924
12 Volt Single Horn
71-72 - 411
12 Volt w/ Single Horn
73-74 - 412
12 Volt w/ Single Horn
54-66 - Bus, Camp, Transport
12 Volt w/ Single Horn
74-81 - Dasher
12 Volt w/ Single Horn
66-66 - Fastback
12 Volt w/ Single Horn
81-84 - Jetta
12 Volt w/ Single Horn
75-84 - Rabbit Base, GL, GTI, L, L Custom & more
12 Volt w/ Single Horn
80-83 - Rabbit Convertible
12 Volt w/ Single Horn
80-83 - Rabbit Pickup
12 Volt w/ Single Horn
81-83 - Scirocco
12 Volt w/ Single Horn
66-66 - Squareback
12 Volt w/ Single Horn
65-65 - Transporter
12 Volt w/ Single Horn