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O.E.M. Cam Follower | 113109309CBR

VW Beetle, Super Beetle, Karmann Ghia, Thing, Squareback, Fastback, Transporter, Camp, Transport, Bus
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P/N: 113109309CBR O.E.M. OEM
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  • 01533
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  • 113109309C
  • T70727

The cam followers or hydraulic lifters on the engine of your VW are hydraulic cylinders that ride along the lobes of the camshafts to push up and release the rocker arms or pushrods to open and close the engine valves. Oil pumped into the cam follower helps cushion the contract cam follower and either the rocker arm or pushrod to quiet the engine. Some cam followers are equipped with a roller on the contact to the rocker arm to reduce wear.

Dirty oil can clog oil passages in or to the cam followers. When this happens the contact services of the cam followers cause them to wear along with the push rods, rocker arms and in some cases the camshaft lobes. This can lead to clicking or tapping sounds coming from the engine cylinder heads, broken rocker arms, and floating engine valves. It can also lead to engine drivability issues requiring replacement of the cam followers and potentially other internal engine components.

Replacing Your VW Cam Followers
Cam follower replacement requires removing the valve cover. It is recommended to replace all cam followers, rocker arms, rocker arm shafts, and push rods if equipped at the same time to prevent future internal engine problems.

Failure of cam followers can also be caused by stuck or sticking engine valves. Inspection of the engine valves and verification of engine valve movement is necessary to ensure proper function of all valves. Cam follower damage caused by a stuck or sticking valve will require the removal of the cylinder head to remove and replace the engine valves.

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61-78 - Beetle
Standard Contact Area
60-71 - Bus, Camp, Transport
Standard Contact Area
66-73 - Fastback
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61-74 - Karmann Ghia
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66-73 - Squareback
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72-79 - Super Beetle
Standard Contact Area
73-74 - Thing
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65-65 - Transporter
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