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Karlyn-STI Spark Plug Wire Set; OE Type with Coil Wires | 1191590018

Mercedes SL500, S500, E500, 500SL, E420, S420, 500SEL, 500SEC, 400E, 500E & more
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P/N: 1191590018 Karlyn-STI
OE Type with Coil Wires
1 set per car.
Cross References:
  • 09366
  • 113R
  • 1191500019
  • 228533125
  • 228533130
  • Q4150036
  • W01331599712
  • W01331599721
  • W01331600812
  • Karlyn-STI 113R replacement spark plug wire set
  • (11) piece ignition wire set connects the ignition distributor to spark plugs and ignition coils on Mercedes M119 V8 engine to transfer current for ignition spark
  • (1) per vehicle
  • Replaces spark plug wires arcing current through shielding to engine creating weak or not spark in cylinders
  • Recommended to be replaced every 30,000 miles along with sparks plugs, distributor caps, and distributor rotors
  • Fits Mercedes 400E 1992-1993, 400SE 1992, 400SEL 1993, 500E 1992-1993, 500SEC 1993, 500SEL 1992-1993, 500SL 1990-1993, E420 through engine # 017142 1994-1995, E500 1994, S420 1994-1995, S500 1994-1995, and SL500 1994-1995
  • Karlyn-STI, the U.S. distributor of Bremi-STI a division of Borg Warner, is a world leader in automotive ignition technology, developing and producing ignition components for both gas and diesel engines for over 100 years.

Spark plug wires carry high voltage from either an ignition distributor or an ignition coil to spark plugs to create the spark needed for engine combustion. Spark plug wires, sometimes referred to as ignition wires or high tension lead, are large gauge solid copper or carbon fiber wires. They contain a conduction suppressive insulator to prevent electrical arcing, a fiberglass braid coating to prevent breaking, a rubber or silicon outer jacket to protect the wire from engine heat and fray, and an electrical connection on each end covered with a boot, one for the spark plug and one for the connection to the distributor cap or ignition coil. Spark plug wires are manufactured at just the right length to reach the spark plug and no more to reduce potential resistance that can hinder voltage flow.

Spark plug wires are capable of carrying voltage as high as 50,000 volts. Carrying this much voltage in one direction causes the electrical terminals to wear down over time. Furthermore, the rubber or silicon jacket of the spark plug wires can wear allowing the inner insulator layer of the spark plug wire to become exposed and wear, causing the wire to arc voltage to the engine, weakening the spark created by the spark plug and lowering engine performance and fuel economy.

Replacing Your Mercedes Spark Plug Wires

Spark plug wires should be replaced at regular intervals along with the spark plugs, and if equipped, with the distributor cap and distributor rotor. Spark plug wire replacement intervals vary based on the auto manufacturer and can range from 30,000 all the way to 100,000 miles.

Spark plug wires can be difficult to remove and replace depending on their position in the engine bay. Special spark plug wire removal tools are available to make it easier to reach and remove spark plug wires.

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What This Karlyn-STI Spark Plug Wire Set Fits?

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92-93 - 400E
92-92 - 400SE
93-93 - 400SEL
92-93 - 500E
93-93 - 500SEC
92-93 - 500SEL
90-93 - 500SL
94-95 - E420
94-94 - E500
94-95 - S420
94-95 - S500
94-95 - SL500