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Original Performance Fuel Filter | 12753001

Volvo V70, S60, XC90 AWD, XC70, S80, XC90, C70, S40, XC90 FWD, V40
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P/N: 12753001 Original Performance
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  • ALG9022P

The fuel filter in your Volvo strains and cleans the fuel so it can be burned in the engine. Some fuel filters will also separate water from the fuel to prevent it from reaching the engine. Fuel filters come in many styles, and the fuel filter used in your Volvo depends on its year and model.

Dirt and debris can enter your vehicle’s fuel tank when refueling or using lower-quality fuel. These particulates can clog fuel jets and fuel injectors and cause the fuel to burn dirtier, producing excess carbon build-up in your engine. The fuel filter removes these particulates before entering the engine, keeping fuel injectors and jets clear and free-flowing and reducing carbon deposits in your engine to sustain performance.

Signs of a Clogged Fuel Filter

Fuel filters that are not replaced regularly can clog, reducing fuel flow and fuel pressure to the engine. A hard starting engine, engine surging, and engine stalling are all symptoms of a clogged fuel filter. Clogged filters can also allow particulates to bypass the filters and damage fuel injectors, fuel pressure regulators, and fuel sensors.

Replacing Your Volvo Fuel Filter

Because fuel filters remove particulates and water from fuel, they must be serviced and/or replaced regularly. Most fuel filters are recommended to be replaced every 15,000 to 30,000 miles. However, some in-tank filters attached to the fuel pump are only replaced when the fuel pump is replaced. Replacing your fuel filter may take anywhere from 10-20 minutes.

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What This Original Performance Fuel Filter Fits?

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03-04 - C70
01-03 - S40
04-04 - S40 Base, LSE
03-03 - S60 Base, 2.4T, AWD, T5
01-02 - S60 Base, 2.4T, AWD, T5
From Chassis 18764
04-04 - S60 2.4, 2.5T, 2.5T AWD, R, T5
To Chassis 315158
03-04 - S80 2.5T, 2.5T AWD, 2.9, T6
01-04 - V40 Base, LSE
02-03 - V70 Base, 2.4T, AWD, T5, X/C
01-01 - V70 Base, 2.4T, T5
Chassis Code 1 From Chassis 83268
Chassis Code 2 From Chassis 77342
04-04 - V70 2.4, 2.5T, 2.5T AWD, T5
Chassis Code 1 To Chassis 357589
Chassis Code 2 To Chassis 357738
01-01 - V70 X/C
From Chassis 16634
03-03 - XC70 X/C
04-04 - XC70
To Chassis 126264
03-05 - XC90 T6, V8
To chassis 37903
03-05 - XC90 AWD Base, 2.5T
To chassis 37903
03-05 - XC90 FWD Base, 2.5T
To chassis 37903