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Zimmermann Coat Z Disc Brake Rotor; Front | 34116757747

BMW 540i, 740iL, 740i, 850i, 840Ci, 850Ci, 540iT, 850CSi
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P/N: 34116757747 Zimmermann Coat Z
Sold individually. Need 2 per car.
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Quality of Zimmermann rotors and drums starts with high end materials. Units are made out of non-machined castings containing flake graphite. The grey cast iron is then treated to other ingredients to stabilize its properties for durability and machining. Zimmermann compound is matched to each vehicle's factory specifications analyzed from OE discs and drums and not limited to supplements like copper, molybdenum, titanium and carbon materials. Zimmermann has been offering its Coat Z anti-corrosion protection on rotors since 2008. This coating prevents the formation of rust at the hub for better longevity and improved lifetime appearance. The Coat Z rotors can be mounted right out of the box without ever removing the coating.
  • Engineered and made in Germany in conformity with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and DIN ISO TS 16949.
  • Consistent in high product quality meeting OE specifications.
  • The thermo-mechanical deformation is identical to OE specifications.
  • German production meeting the requirement of actual Quality Management Systems.
    The front brakes on your BMW, provide 75% of your BMW’s braking ability. When you press the brake pedal, hydraulic fluid immediately flows to a piston on the brake caliper, pushing the metal backing of the brake pad. The softer friction material side of the brake pad then clamps the harder brake rotor, slowing the vehicle. The harder the brake pedal is pushed, the harder the brake pads clamp the rotor and the faster the wheels slow to a stop. Every time the brake pad contacts the rotor, the rotor heats up and cools after the pads release it. The constant heating up and cooling down of the brake rotor causes the surface of the rotor to further harden over time. This makes the surface less able to be gripped by the brake pads and can even cause the rotor to warp and not allow the brake pads to hold flush against the rotor. This Zimmermann front brake rotors is a direct replacement brake rotor for BMW rotor part numbers 34116756087 and 34116757747 used on the 1991-1997 8 Series, 1997-2000 540i, and 1995-2001 740i/iL models. Zimmermann has been a premium German manufacturer of brake parts for more than 60 years. All of Zimmermann’s products are made to fit and function just as the original parts used by the auto manufacturers during production, and even offering solutions for such high performance brake components like Mercedes Steel Hub Rotors, BMW Riveted Composite Rotors, and Audi Wave Brake Rotors.
Left = Driver side and Right = Passenger side.
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What This Zimmermann Coat Z Disc Brake Rotor Fits?

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97-99 - 540i
Front ~ Manufacturer Body Code: E39
00-00 - 540i
Front ~ To 4/2000; Manufacturer Body Code: E39
99-99 - 540iT
Front ~ Manufacturer Body Code: E39
00-00 - 540iT
Front ~ To 4/2000; Manufacturer Body Code: E39
95-01 - 740i
Front Left
Front Right
95-01 - 740iL
Front Left
Front Right
94-97 - 840Ci
Front Left
Front Right
93-94 - 850Ci
Front Left ~ from 08/93
Front Left ~ thru 07/93
Front Right ~ from 08/93
Front Right ~ thru 07/93
95-97 - 850Ci
Front Left
Front Right
94-95 - 850CSi
Front Left
Front Right
91-92 - 850i
Front Left
Front Right