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Valeo Radiator; 650x414mm; Heavy Duty | 1J0121253P

Audi TT Quattro, TT
VW Jetta, Golf, Jetta IV, Jetta MK4, Golf MK4, Golf IV
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    2051 Liqui Moly Radiator Flush; 300ml Can

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650x414mm; Heavy Duty
1 per car.
Cross References:
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  • 1J0121253AT
  • 1J0121253N
  • 1J0121253R
  • 731606
  • VSOE2265
  • W01331736138
  • W01331736140

Radiators help regulate your engine's temperature and keep it within its optimal operating range. It is made up of two tanks which can be metal or plastic, connected by metal tubes with fins attached to direct air across the tubes called a core. Coolant circulating within the engine absorbs the engine's heat, bringing down the engine's temperature. This hot coolant then flows into one of the radiator's tanks. It is pushed through the core of the radiator, where heat from the coolant is passed to the air flowing through it, reducing the temperature of the coolant before entering back into the engine from the opposite radiator tank.

Most radiators are located at the front of your vehicle behind the grille. The radiator's position makes the radiator core susceptible to damage from the debris from the road. Debris can also clog up the radiator core tubes, restricting the coolant flow.

Radiators should be replaced if leaking, if the core tubes are clogged internally, or if the external core fins are clogged with debris. Due to the ease of the radiator core air fins being bent, it is not recommended to clean out the fins as it often causes the fins to bend and restrict airflow.

Replacing the radiator in your vehicle is usually a straightforward process. However, it often requires the removal of the radiator hoses, engine cooling fans, and radiator fan shroud to access the radiator mounts and remove the radiator. Replacement of the radiator hoses and thermostat is recommended with the radiator to ensure proper cooling system function. In addition, bleeding of the cooling system to remove any trapped air is vital for proper coolant flow and cooling system operating pressure and function.

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What This Valeo Radiator Fits?

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00-06 - TT
00-06 - TT Quattro
00-06 - Golf Base, GTI, GTI 1.8T, GTI GLS, GTI GLX & more
04-04 - Golf
2.0L; Transmission Control Type: Automatic
06-06 - Golf IV GL, GLS, GLS TDI
99-99 - Golf MK4 GL, GLS, GTI, TDI
00-04 - Jetta Base, GL, GLI, GLS, GLS Turbo & more
03-04 - Jetta GLI, GLS, GLS VR6, GLX
For wagon models only.
05-05 - Jetta IV Base, TDI, Turbo
05-05 - Jetta IV GLS, GLX
For wagon models only.
99-99 - Jetta MK4 GL, GLS, GLX, TDI