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Genuine Mercedes Tie Rod End; Left Outer | 2054600005

Mercedes E350, C300, GLC300, C43 AMG, E300, E63 AMG S, E400, C400, C450 AMG, GLC43 AMG & more
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P/N: 2054600005 Genuine Mercedes
Left Outer
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Tie rod ends are the joints that connect the tie rods to the steering rack or the steering gear drag/center link to the steering knuckles of both front wheels. Tie rod ends are the adjustment points for setting your vehicle’s toe alignment. Some vehicles also have rear tie rod ends to adjust rear toe alignment.

Most Mercedes models are equipped with four tie rod ends, one inner and one outer to connect both front wheels to the steering system. Mercedes models with rear toe adjustment may have inner and outer tie rod ends for the rear wheels. Each tie rod end consists of a ball with a threaded shaft on both the ball and cup socket to attach both the inner and outer tie rods to the steering rack, drag/center link, or steering knuckle and to either a center tie rod or each other.

Signs Faulty or Worn Out Tie Rod Ends

Tie rod ends fail due to a fatigued ball joint. Wheel wobble and slack in the steering wheel are signs that one or more of the tie rod ends have a fatigued ball joint. To check the tie rod ends the front wheels must be lifted off the ground so that none of the vehicle’s weight is sitting on the wheels. Then with a hand on the front and rear of the wheel, lightly turn the wheel back and forth on a horizontal axis to check for play in the tie rod ball joints. If either wheel has play, either the inner or outer tie rod end ball joint is fatigued and both the inner and outer tie rod ends should be replaced.

Replacing Your Mercedes Tie Rod Ends

Replacing the tie rod ends requires resetting your Mercedes toe alignment with an alignment machine. It is not recommended to attempt to mark the tie rods and install new tie rod ends in the same approximate position. This could set the front toe alignment slightly in or out and cause your tires to wear excessively on the inner or outer treads. Inner tie rod ends may require a crow’s foot wrench attachment to a socket driver with extension to access and remove.

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