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Bilstein HD Strut Assembly; Front | 35-229872

Audi A3, A3 Quattro
VW Golf, GTI, Golf R, Golf SportWagen, e-Golf
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P/N: 35-229872 Bilstein HD
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  • 5Q0413031EL
  • 5Q0413031ES
  • 5Q0413031GD

Strut assemblies on your vehicle provide vehicle stability by firmly holding your wheels to the ground, and they are the pivot point to the body for the front steering knuckles to turn the front wheels. A gas or hydraulic cylinder in the strut absorbs bumps, dips, and other imperfections in the road to prevent the suspension from bouncing under the weight of the vehicle. The stiffer the strut, the quicker it absorbs movement and the tighter your vehicle holds to the road. The front struts mount the steering knuckle to the body of the car with a bearing fitted mount to allow the steering knuckle and front wheels to easily turn under the weight of your vehicle.

Bellows and bump stops on the strut assemblies protect the seals of the strut cylinders from dirt and debris and prevent the strut from fully collapsing into the mount. However, over time the seals deteriorate allowing the fluid or gas held within the cylinder to leak out and leaving the strut unable to absorb road conditions, making the ride quality harsh. When this happens the strut must be replaced to restore ride quality.

Some strut assemblies are equipped with adjustable air cells (air springs) or hydraulic reservoirs allowing the strut to have adjustable height and stiffness.

Replacing Your Vehicle’s Strut Assembly
Strut replacement requires the removal of the strut from the body and suspension to replace. Struts with suspension coils mounted on them between a plate on the strut and an upper mount require the use of a spring compressor to release the spring tension on the strut before the mount can be removed from the strut.

It is highly recommended to replace struts in pairs as struts from the same manufacturer will have roughly the same service life. It is also recommended to replace the strut mount, bellows and bump stops along with the strut to help protect the new struts and ensure their proper function.

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