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AAZ Preferred Fuel Pump, Electric; Pump, Strainer and Filter; KIT | 69435MB2KIT

Mercedes E320, 190E, 300E, 300SE, 300SEL, 500SEL, 500SEC, 380SEC, 380SE, 380SEL
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Pump, Strainer and Filter; KIT
  • Electric fuel pump replacement kit with fuel tank strainer and in-line fuel filter for Mercedes W201, W124, and W126 chassis vehicles with gasoline engines and single in-line fuel pump
  • (1) 0024774401 - Original equipment Hengst H80WK05 replacement 82mm in-line fuel filter with threaded fitting and seal rings
  • (1) 2014700506 - Genuine Mercedes replacement fuel tank strainer with o-ring
  • (1) 69435 - Original equipment Bosch inline fuel pump replacement for Mercedes part number 0020919701 with electrical connectors and terminal boots
  • Fits Mercedes 190E 2.3L from chassis # F132824 through chassis # F870048 1984-1993, 190E 2.3L 16V through chassis # F282120 1987, 300E through chassis # A368936 1990-1992, 300SE 1988-1991, 300SEL 1988-1991, 380SE 1984-1985, 380SEC 1982-1983, 380SEL 1981-1983, 500SEC 1984-1985, 500SEL 1984-1985, and E320 through chassis # C227244 1993

The electric fuel pump on your Mercedes pumps fuel from the fuel tank to the engine and builds fuel pressure for your vehicle’s fuel injection system. The electric fuel pump can be located inline between the fuel tank and the engine or inside the fuel tank and may be fitted with a fuel filter and fuel level sensor for the fuel gauge.

Electric fuel pumps can fail in several ways. Furthermore, other failed components of your Mercedes’ fuel delivery system can mimic a failed fuel pump. Weak fuel pressure causing your engine to run lean can be due to a fuel pump not pumping adequate volume, a clogged fuel filter, or a leaking fuel pressure regulator. Additionally, a fuel pump not pumping any fuel and preventing the engine from running could be a completely failed fuel pump or a fuel pump relay not supplying power to the fuel pump to operate. Always checking power to the electric fuel pump and fuel pressure at the pump will help to prevent a misdiagnosis of a problematic fuel pump.

Signs of a Failing Electric Fuel Pump
  • Vehicle not starting
  • Idling rough
  • Stalling
  • Engine surging
  • Severe lack of power

Additionally, a strong fuel smell inside your Mercedes may be a sign an in-tank electric fuel pump has a cracked housing and is leaking fuel vapor into your vehicle.

Replacing Your Mercedes’ Electric Fuel Pump
The electric fuel pump in your Mercedes should only be replaced if failed or damaged. For electric fuel pumps located in the fuel tank with the fuel level sensor, the fuel pump would be replaced as part of the fuel pump and level sensor assembly if the fuel tank level sensor needs to be replaced.

Replacement of the fuel pump can take anywhere from one hour to several hours to replace depending on location. Electric fuel pumps located in the fuel line are often heavily covered to prevent damage from road debris and some fuel pumps located in the fuel tank will require the removal of the fuel tank to remove and replace. To prevent premature failure of a newly installed fuel pump, it is highly recommended to replace the fuel filter or fuel pickup screen to prevent contaminants from entering the fuel system and damaging the fuel pump.

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Kit Contents

This part number is sold as a kit and contains the following parts below.

69435 Bosch Fuel Pump, Electric
69435 OEM
For models with CIS fuel injection (replaces 0580254942, 0020919701,...

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What This AAZ Preferred Fuel Pump, Electric Fits?

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84-84 - 190E 2.3
85-86 - 190E 2.3
For models with chassis serial number from F132824.
87-87 - 190E 2.3-16
For models with chassis serial number through F282120, please specify Bosch or Mercedes part number on existing pump.
88-93 - 190E 2.3
For models with chassis serial number through F870048, later versions used two pumps.
87-87 - 190E 2.3
For models with chassis serial number through F870048.
90-92 - 300E
For models with chassis serial number through A368936, later versions used two pumps.
88-91 - 300SE
88-91 - 300SEL
84-85 - 380SE
82-83 - 380SEC
81-83 - 380SEL
84-85 - 500SEC
84-85 - 500SEL
93-93 - E320
For models with chassis serial number through C227244.