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Corteco-Micronair Cabin Air Filter; Standard | 8687389

Volvo C30, C70, S40, V50, S40 FWD, V50 AWD, V50 FWD, S40 AWD
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P/N: 8687389 Corteco-Micronair
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  • 30780376
  • 80000061
  • CU2440
  • W01331769371

Cabin air filters are used to filter particulates from the air entering your Volvo passenger cabin to supply a continuous supply of clean breathable air. Some cabin filters are coated in activated charcoal and are capable of preventing noxious gasses and odors from entering the passenger cabin.

Clogged cabin air filters restrict the amount of fresh air entering the passenger cabin, allowing air to remain stagnant. Furthermore, it can cause a strain on the climate control blower motor that draws air into the passenger cabin, leading to premature failure to the blower motor and regulator.

Signs of a Clogged Volvo Cabin Air Filter
A musty smell in your Volvo is a sign the cabin filter is clogged and needs to be replaced to allow fresh air to enter your passenger cabin.

Replacing Your Volvo Cabin Air Filter
Volvo cabin air filters should be replaced every year, regardless of mileage to ensure clean, fresh air is always allowed to enter your passenger cabin. In particularly arid climates, it is recommended to replace your cabin air filter as often as every six months due to the high levels of dirt and dust in the air.

Cabin air filters are often located under the dash and can be replaced in as quickly as 10 minutes by removing the cabin air filter access cover or glove box. Some vehicles have cabin air filters under the hood where fresh air enters the climate control ducts or have multiple filters in multiple locations to filter air entering and circulating throughout the passenger cabin.

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The Corteco brand is part of the Freudenberg Group which has been around for over 120 years. Corteco has over 26,000 products for the automotive repair market. The line includes everything from seals & gaskets to air & cabin filters to engine mounts. All the products are built to the OEM standards for fit and finish so you know your Corteco replacement part will fit right out of the box.
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What This Corteco-Micronair Cabin Air Filter Fits?

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08-13 - C30 T5, T5 R-Design
06-13 - C70 T5
06-11 - S40 2.4i, T5, T5 R-Design
07-07 - S40 2.4i
Particulate; with A/C
06-08 - S40 AWD T5
07-07 - S40 AWD T5
Particulate; with A/C
06-08 - S40 FWD T5
07-07 - S40 FWD T5
Particulate; with A/C
06-11 - V50 2.4i, T5, T5 R-Design
07-07 - V50 2.4i
Particulate; with A/C
06-08 - V50 AWD T5
07-07 - V50 AWD T5
Particulate; with A/C
06-08 - V50 FWD T5
07-07 - V50 FWD T5
Particulate; with A/C