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Meyle Turn Signal Switch; w/o Multi Function Steering Wheel | 8L0953513J

Audi A6 Quattro, TT Quattro, S6, Allroad Quattro, TT, A6, RS6
VW Jetta, Passat, Golf, Beetle, Jetta MK4, Jetta MK3, Golf MK4, Golf MK3
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P/N: 8L0953513J Meyle
w/o Multi Function Steering Wheel
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  • 1009530021

The turn signal on your vehicle has a stand alone or combination switch connected to the steering column that is used to turn on your turn signals. It is connected behind the steering wheel with an extended stalk so it can be used with your fingers without removing your hands from the steering wheel. When lifted up it turns on the right turn signals and when pushed down it turns on the left turn signals in left hand drive vehicles. Most turn signals have an auto cancel function that turns the turn signal off after completing a major turn and returning the steering wheel to the straight forward position.

Some turn signal combination switches will also include the switches for headlights and hazard lights. Furthermore, some turn signal combination switches are complete switch assemblies mounted behind the steering wheel to control turn signals, headlights, hazard lights, windshield wipers, and cruise control with stalks on either side of the steering wheel.

Turn signal switches fail when the hinges for the stalk no longer hold the stalk up or disconnect from the switch. They can also fail with internal electrical circuit malfunctions leaving the turn signals and other systems controlled by the switch to be inoperable.

Replacing Your Vehicle’s Turn Signal Switch
Replacement of the turn signal switch requires removal of the steering column cover to access the turn signal switch mounting. Some turn signal switch assemblies contain the ring contact for the steering wheel horn and will require removal of the steering wheel to be replaced.

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Left = Driver side and Right = Passenger side.
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What This Meyle Turn Signal Switch Fits?

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98-04 - A6
98-04 - A6 Quattro Base, Avant
01-05 - Allroad Quattro
03-03 - RS6
02-03 - S6 Avant
00-06 - TT
00-06 - TT Quattro
98-01 - Beetle Base, TDI, Turbo
w/ Cruise Control
00-01 - Golf Base, GTI GLS, GTI GLX, TDI
w/ Cruise Control
99-99 - Golf MK3 GL, GTI
From 10/98 w/ Cruise Control; Manufacturer Body Code: A4
99-99 - Golf MK4 GL, GLS, GTI, TDI
From 10/98 w/ Cruise Control; Manufacturer Body Code: A4
00-01 - Jetta Base, GL, GLS, GLX, TDI
w/ Cruise Control
99-99 - Jetta MK3 GL, GLS, GLX, TDI
From 10/98 w/ Cruise Control; Manufacturer Body Code: A4
99-99 - Jetta MK4 GL, GLS, GLX, TDI
From 10/98 w/ Cruise Control; Manufacturer Body Code: A4
01-01 - Passat
Thru 2/01 VIN 3B.1.049 999 w/ Cruise Control w/o Multifunction Steering Wheel
98-00 - Passat Base, GLS, Turbo
w/ Cruise Control w/o Multifunction Steering Wheel