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URO Parts Ignition Knock (Detonation) Sensor | 9142415

Porsche 944, 968
Saab 9-3, 900, 9000
Volvo V70, 240, 850, 940, C70, S70, 244, 740, 245, 960 & more
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P/N: 9142415 URO Parts
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Knock sensors monitor the pre-detonation of the air-fuel mixture in an internal combustion engine. Pre-detonation occurs when part of the air-fuel mixture ignites before normal combustion creating a shockwave that resonates through the engine block that emits an audible knocking or pining sound. When the knock sensor detects the knock or ping, it relays that information to the engine computer so the computer can adjust engine timing and the amount of fuel entering the engine to stop the pre-detonation. Prolonged pre-detonation in one or more cylinders can damage the cylinder walls, pistons, cylinder head gasket, cylinder head, spark plugs, and engine valves.

When a knock sensor detects engine knock for a prolonged timeframe, the engine computer will illuminate the check engine light with a fault code indicating excessive engine knocking that can not be stopped by adjusting timing and fuel entering the engine. Excessive engine pressure due to carbon build-up in a cylinder, excessive engine load, an improperly timed engine, and lower than recommended octane fuel can all cause excessive knocking that the engine computer can not adjust for.

Replacing Your Vehicle's Knock Sensor

Knock sensors are mounted directly to the exterior of the engine block to pick up the vibrations created by pre-detonation. However, due to their location, they can often be challenging to access and may require extensive removal of components such as intake or exhaust manifolds to replace. With that in mind, on average, knock sensors can take between 20 minutes to up to four hours to replace.

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Uro Parts, manufactured by APA Industries, is a quality line of aftermarket replacement parts for import vehicles. The Uro line has been OE factory approved on a number of parts for Jaguar and Mercedes while continuing to work on even more OE approvals. APA conducts extensive quality, fitment, and lifecycle testing in-house to assure customer satisfaction that the parts will exceed your expectations. Their engineers also work with manufacturers to design improvements and build better than OE products on those parts that had issues from the original manufacturer on the vehicles. Uro Parts is always striving to build the best available part at the most affordable price.
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What This URO Parts Ignition Knock (Detonation) Sensor Fits?

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91-91 - 944 S2
Individual Sensor
89-89 - 944 S2, Turbo
Individual Sensor L4
86-86 - 944 Turbo
Individual Sensor Turbo
92-95 - 968
Individual Sensor
99-00 - 9-3 Base, SE, Viggen
Individual Sensor
85-93 - 900 S Turbo, SE Turbo, SPG, Turbo, Turbo Commemorative Edition
2.0L Individual Sensor L4 Turbo
86-90 - 9000 Base, CD, S, Turbo
Individual Sensor
90-93 - 240 Base, DL, GL, SE
Individual Sensor
88-89 - 244 DL, GL
Individual Sensor
88-89 - 245 DL, GL
Individual Sensor
85-92 - 740 Base, GL, GLE, T
Individual Sensor
86-86 - 740 GLE
Individual Sensor L4
85-85 - 745 GLE
Individual Sensor L4
84-90 - 760 Base, GLE
Individual Sensor L4
91-91 - 780
Individual Sensor
89-90 - 780
Individual Sensor L4
94-97 - 850 Base, GLT, R, T-5, T-5R & more
Individual Sensor Individual Sensors Original Style
91-95 - 940 Base, GL, GLE, SE, T
Individual Sensor
92-97 - 960
Individual Sensor
98-98 - C70
Individual Sensor Individual Sensors Original Style
98-98 - S70 Base, GLT, T5
Individual Sensor Individual Sensors Original Style
97-98 - S90
Individual Sensor
98-98 - V70 Base, AWD, GLT, R, T5 & more
Individual Sensor Individual Sensors Original Style
97-98 - V90
Individual Sensor