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NGK Iridium Resistor Spark Plug | BCPR6EIX11

Acura, Honda, Lexus, Mazda, Nissan, Saab, Toyota
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P/N: BCPR6EIX11 NGK Iridium Resistor
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Spark plugs provide the spark needed to ignite the air/fuel mixture in each cylinder for engine combustion. High voltage from the ignition coil is transferred through the spark plug to an air gap between the spark plug tip and the spark plug ground to the engine. Once the voltage reaches the air gap, the voltage jumps the gap in the form of a spark, igniting a compressed air fuel charge inside the cylinder. The air fuel charge explodes, creating the force needed to push the cylinder down and turning the engine crankshaft to propel the engine. In short, spark plugs serve a vital function in keeping your vehicle running properly.

Components of a Spark Plug
  • A metal terminal that connects to the ignition system
  • A center electrode for current to flow through the spark plug with a tip for the current to jump making the spark
  • A ribbed ceramic insulator to keep current flowing through the spark plug center electrode and not into other parts of the engine
  • A threaded metal case to anchor the spark plug into the cylinder head with a ground electrode for the spark to jump to
  • A seal to seal the spark plug case to the cylinder head to prevent cylinder compression from escaping
Types of Spark Plugs

The biggest differences in spark plug construction are the materials used for the electrodes, their conductivity, and their wearability.

  • Copper is the base material for the center electrode on most spark plugs as it provides superb conductivity. These tend to wear quickly from the electrical transfer created by the spark and fully copper spark plugs need to be replaced every 15,000 miles.
  • Copper core spark plugs with yttrium or nickel tipped electrodes and grounds take longer to wear and can last up to 30,000 miles.
  • Platinum tipped copper core electrodes wear even less, provide superior conductivity, and can last up to 60,000 miles.
  • Iridium tipped copper core spark plugs wear the least and can last over 100,000 miles.

When a spark plug fails prematurely it will provide a weak spark or no spark at all. Causes of premature spark plug failure can include oil leaking from the valve cover into the spark plug chamber, your engine running too lean and overheating the spark plug, and your engine running too rich and fuel fouling the plug.

Most engines are designed to run on only one type of spark plug based on its use. Be sure to check your owner’s manual for the right type of spark plug needed for your vehicle.

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What This NGK Iridium Resistor Spark Plug Fits?

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86-89 - Integra LS, LS Special Edition, RS
Iridium Resistor
86-90 - Legend Base, L, LS
Iridium Resistor
88-91 - Civic Base, DX, EX, LX, RT 4WD & more
Iridium Resistor
88-91 - CRX Base, DX
Iridium Non V-Tec Resistor; Cylinder Head Type: SOHC; Valvesper Engine: 16
90-91 - ES250
Iridium Resistor
92-93 - ES300
Iridium Resistor
88-89 - 323 GT, GTX
Iridium Resistor Turbo
87-88 - 200SX SE, XE
2.0L Iridium Intake Side L4 Resistor
84-86 - 200SX Base, Turbo, XE
Intake Side Iridium Resistor
87-88 - 200SX SE
Iridium Resistor
84-89 - 300ZX Turbo
Intake Side Resistor Iridium
85-88 - Maxima GL, GXE, SE
Iridium Resistor
87-89 - Pulsar NX SE
Iridium Resistor L4
84-89 - Stanza E, GL, GXE, XE
2.0L Iridium Intake Side L4 Resistor
86-88 - Stanza 4WD XE
2.0L Iridium Intake Side L4 Resistor
86-88 - Stanza FWD XE
2.0L Iridium Intake Side L4 Resistor
04-05 - 9-5 Linear
Iridium Resistor L4
94-94 - 900 Turbo, Turbo Commemorative Edition
Iridium 2.0L L4 Resistor Turbo
88-92 - Camry DLX, LE, SE, XLE
Iridium Resistor
91-91 - Camry DLX, LE
Iridium To 9/91 Resistor
93-93 - Camry DX, LE, SE, XLE
Iridium To 9/93 Resistor
88-89 - MR2 Super Charged
L4 Iridium Resistor