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Genuine BMW A/C Condenser | 64509891030

BMW 530i, 540i, 740i, 530i xDrive, 540i xDrive, 530e, 740i xDrive, 640i xDrive Gran Turismo, 530e xDrive, 745e xDrive & more
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P/N: 64509891030 Genuine BMW
Condenser Air Conditioning W 645017
Includes Drier.
740i, 740ix. 540i, 540ix. 530i, 530ix. 2.0L, 530e. 740ex. 3.0L gas. 7 series. 3.0L, without hybrid.
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The AC condenser on your BMW removes heat from compressed refrigerant while condensing the refrigerant from a gas to a liquid. Similar to the radiator that removes heat from engine coolant, the AC condenser is mounted at the front of your vehicle and has finned cooling coils. As compressed refrigerant is pumped from the compressor it flows into the condenser where air flows over the cooling coils, removing heat from the refrigerant. As the refrigerant cools, it converts from a gas to a liquid reaching temperatures near freezing. The cold liquid refrigerant then flows to the AC evaporator to cool the air flowing into the passenger cabin of your BMW.

AC condensers are susceptible to damage from road debris. It is recommended to inspect the AC condenser at every service for clogged cooling fins and dents from debris that can lead to puncture holes, draining your AC system of refrigerant.

The cooling coils of the AC condenser are narrow and can easily be blocked by debris that may have entered the AC system. It is recommended to replace the AC condenser along with the receiver drier, expansion valve and orifice tube if the AC compressor experiences a critical failure.

Replacing Your BMW AC Condenser

Replacement of the AC condenser requires the AC system to be evacuated of refrigerant before being replaced. The AC system must also be placed under vacuum prior to refilling the system with refrigerant to the proper pressure. Replacing the AC condenser is not a DIY repair without extensive knowledge of automotive AC systems, a vacuum pump, and correct AC manifold gauges for your BMW.

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