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Bosch Starter | 12418614519

BMW X3, 328i, 528i, Z4, 328i xDrive, X1, 320i, 528i xDrive, X4, 320i xDrive & more
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A starter is an electric motor mounted on the rear of an internal combustion engine that is used to turn the engine allowing it to start and run under its own power. To start the engine, the starter must be capable of producing up to 200 ft-lbs of torque and requires a fully charged battery to power it.

Starters fail when the solenoid can no longer engage the drive gear to the engine’s ring gear or when the starter motor will not turn over. Starters often fail without warning but give a few tells when they are about to stop working. If, when attempting to start your BMW, the engine turns over and stops, but on the next attempt starts the engine, the starter motor is likely to fail. If when starting the engine, the engine starts and the starter drive gear does not disengage the ring gear, and the starter sounds like it is continuing to run, the starter solenoid is getting stuck and is likely to fail. Oil leaking onto the starter and corroded cable connections can cause the starter solenoid and motor to short out.

Important Note: A weak battery, loose battery cables, corroded battery terminals, and frayed or broken ground straps can mimic a failed starter and should be thoroughly inspected before replacing a suspected failed starter.

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Bosch is the world's largest supplier of components to the automotive industry. The Bosch product line includes alternators & starters, brakes, electronic controls and sensors, fuel system parts and management, ignition system components, and steering system components. All Bosch automotive parts are either OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or made to their specs as a replacement part for the OEM unit.
Left = Driver side and Right = Passenger side.
All parts are priced individually unless identified as a set or kit. "Per car" notes identify how many of a given part your car has and "Left/Right or Front/Rear" notes means the part fits the left or right side of the car. These parts are still sold individually and you'll need to select the appropriate quantity if you plan to replace more than one of this item.

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What This Bosch Starter Fits?

Application information below is for reference only and should not be used to determine the exact vehicle fitment. Please use the "Make Sure It Fits" vehicle selection box above to determine the exact fitment and review any application notes. If you need any help determining if this part works with your vehicle, please don't hesitate to contact us.

14-16 - 228i
Transmission Control Type: Automatic
15-16 - 228i xDrive
Transmission Control Type: Automatic
14-18 - 320i
Transmission Control Type: Automatic
14-18 - 320i xDrive
12-13 - 328i E9X, F3X
Body Type: Sedan; Transmission Control Type: Automatic
14-16 - 328i
Transmission Control Type: Automatic
14-16 - 328i GT xDrive
14-16 - 328i xDrive
13-13 - 328i xDrive E9X, F3X
Body Type: Sedan
14-16 - 428i
Transmission Control Type: Automatic
15-16 - 428i Gran Coupe
14-16 - 428i xDrive
15-16 - 428i xDrive Gran Coupe
14-16 - 528i
Only for cars with Auto Start/Stop.
14-16 - 528i xDrive
Only for cars with Auto Start/Stop.
13-15 - X1 sDrive28i, xDrive28i
Only for cars with Auto Start/Stop.
13-14 - X3 xDrive28i
from 07/13 Only for cars with Auto Start/Stop.
15-17 - X3 sDrive28i, xDrive28i
Only for cars with Auto Start/Stop.
15-18 - X4 xDrive28i
Only for cars with Auto Start/Stop.
12-16 - Z4 sDrive28i
Only for cars with Auto Start/Stop. Transmission Control Type: Automatic