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Febi Bilstein ATF, Automatic Transmission Fluid; 5 Liter | 219517090

Audi A4 Quattro, A6 Quattro, Q5, Q7, S4, A8 Quattro, S5, A5 Quattro, SQ5, A7 Quattro & more
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P/N: 219517090 Febi Bilstein
5 Liter
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  • 139517090
  • 39096

Automatic transmission fluid or ATF is a hydraulic fluid used in self-shifting transmissions. Automatic transmission fluids both lubricate and clean internal automatic transmission parts, while being used to pressurize valves, engage clutch packs, and move transmission bands to shift the transmission gears.

Most Audi automatic transmissions require specialized automatic transmission fluids with varying chemical make ups and detergents based on the materials used to assemble the transmission. Be sure to check your Audi’ automatic transmission fluid requirements prior to adding or changing the automatic transmission fluid.

Automatic transmission fluids used past their service life can cause wear on the inside of your transmission requiring the replacement of clutches, bearings, and valves that become clogged.

Signs of Burned Up Automatic Transmission Fluid
  • Transmission slippage (your Audi not accelerating in sync with engine RPM increase)
  • Hard or rough gear shifting
  • Transmission stuck in gear or park

Changing the Automatic Transmission Fluid in Your Audi
Most automatic transmission fluids need to be changed and the transmissions flushed every 50,000-60,000 miles with a new transmission filter. Automatic transmission fluid labeled “Lifetime Fluid” should be changed and flushed with a new filter every 110,000 to 120,000 miles.

In most cases, it will take about an hour to fully drain the transmissions and torque converter and refill the transmission. Transmission flushes require special equipment to connect to the transmission cooler lines to flush out and replace all of the automatic transmission fluid and is recommended to be done in a reputable repair facility.

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What This Febi Bilstein ATF, Automatic Transmission Fluid Fits?

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07-15 - A4 Quattro Base, Avant, Cabriolet, Premium, Premium Plus & more
Compatible with Lifeguard 8.
05-06 - A4 Quattro Base, Avant
Compatible with Lifeguard 8. Transmission Numberof Speeds: 6
08-16 - A5 Quattro Base, Cabriolet, Premium, Premium Plus, Prestige
Compatible with Lifeguard 8.
17-17 - A5 Quattro Sport
Compatible with Lifeguard 8. Body Type: Convertible
05-14 - A6 Quattro Base, Avant, Premium, Premium Plus, Prestige & more
Compatible with Lifeguard 8.
12-16 - A7 Quattro Base, Premium Plus, Prestige, TDI Premium Plus, TDI Prestige
Compatible with Lifeguard 8.
07-14 - A8 Quattro Base, L, L TDI, L W12
Compatible with Lifeguard 8.
14-16 - allroad Premium, Premium Plus, Prestige
Compatible with Lifeguard 8.
09-16 - Q5 Hybrid Prestige, Premium, Premium Plus, Prestige, TDI Premium Plus & more
Compatible with Lifeguard 8.
07-10 - Q7 Base, Premium
Compatible with Lifeguard 8.
14-18 - RS7 Base, Performance
Compatible with Lifeguard 8.
04-09 - S4 Base, Avant, Cabriolet
Compatible with Lifeguard 8. Capacity = 9 liters.
08-12 - S5
Compatible with Lifeguard 8.
13-18 - S7 Base, Premium Plus, Prestige
Compatible with Lifeguard 8.
14-17 - SQ5 Premium Plus, Prestige
Compatible with Lifeguard 8.